By John P

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  1. John P

    John P
    Ben Wheeler, TX

    I cant seem to make a divot with my irons and hit off the toe. Any ideas on how to work on that while waiting out the virus.

  2. richard f

    richard f

    Try to steepen your swing perhaps and set up more off the back foot till you start making contact with the ground , that might help


    Try standing a little closer to the ball at address. Once you're set, lift or push your hands away from your body. This will cause you to come down steeper at the ball.
    Practice this at half speed. Also check out some videos of Henrik Stenson hitting irons, he's the MAN with a iron ....madgolfer hitemstraight
  4. Assuming you are at home and can’t hit a ball just stick a tee in the ground, place a towel 6 inches from the tee and try to hit the tee without touching the towel.
    Slowly decrease the space down to about 4 inches as you go along.

    For faster results place your phone there instead of a towel :-)
  5. David B

    David B
    Marshfield, MA

    Try shifting your weight a little more to your lead leg. This will force your body to hit down on the ball more. Also check to make sure you’re rotating back and through. I had this exact same problem and noticed I was leaning into the ball during my takeaway and then coming way up and out of my stance as I was going to strike the ball. You can see if you’re doing this if your left knee is bending a lot during the initial takeaway and then getting really tall at impact. This was preventing me from hitting down and compressing the ball.
  6. I saw a video of someone putting their driver headcover a foot behind the ball and helped them come in steeper rather than sweep as it would hit the cover. Hope it helps!

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