Hybrid Issues.

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By Dr. Kovatchian

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  1. Dr. Kovatchian

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    I'm having some Issues playing my 21* 915H. Struggling with the type of swing needed to be successful. Should I play this club like an iron or like a FW Wood???

    I'm a decent player but struggle with this club for some reason...drives me nuts!!!!

    Are there any good drills out there that are intended to improve hybrid play???

    Cheers, Dr. K

  2. Marc B
    La Quinta, CA

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    Oddly in the same boat with the swing type issue and it has me moving from the 816 h1 to the h2, and monkeying with shafts. I play my hybrid with the same swing as a long iron and pick it with a baby divot. Through some recent A-B testing I found that I simply hit compact club heads better than oversize clubs... CB 4&5 better than T-MB 4&5 for that matter. Anyway, a Hybrid is (for me) too short of a club for me to put a "sweeper" swing on it, Dr. K.

    Dunno about drills for this specific club type but I'm staying tuned to the thread.

    Best to you,

  3. Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

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    Hit it like an iron.
  4. Jake R
    East Aurora, NY

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    Hybrids are definitely a challenge to hit if you are having trouble controlling the low point in your swing. Obviously, you want to have a descending angle of attack with an iron to optimize compression and launch conditions, but hybrids are different. 3 woods are meant to be hit on a neutral angle of attack, neither descending or ascending. So you go from here. Based on your swing speed and typical trajectory, you should choose how you play a hybrid. That being said, you do not want to get really steep and descending with a hybrid. A neutral or very slightly descending angle of attack is really optimal. As far as drills go, rather than try a specific drill, try to hit some shots using different techniques. Don't be afraid to be creative, as you may find that something unique may work well. My swing thought with a hybrid is to feel as if I load into my right side and get my arms deep at the top of the swing. Then I free up and rip it. Being a +2 handicap it seems weird that I have two hybrids in the bag, but I think that they are very easy to hit once you find key mechanics that work. Mess around with some ball position and see what happens. Try some different settings, buy a different shaft, do what it takes. Best of luck and I hope my advice helped in some way.
  5. Brian W
    Plattsburgh, NY

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    Hey Dr. I was also struggling with hybrids. I worked my pro and he recommended playing like an iron shot. I set up very similar in ball postion as I do with my 6 iron. It took some getting used to but now I have an 18 and 21 degree 915h that have become very much go to clubs. I go ahead and make an aggressive swing with a small divot. I hope it helps and would love to hear how you make out.
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    I play hybrids like an iron they are replacing. I have a slight descending blow on the ball that may take a thin divot at most. I've heard instructors say you can play them as fairway wood or iron but I struggled with contact when playing like a fairway wood.

    The best hybrid I have ever hit is the 816 h1, very forgiving and easy to launch
  7. Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

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    I'm a pretty low handicapper, and I'd say start thinking "swing" instead of "hit". Very common to try and force it, especially with the woods or long irons. Personally, I consider my hybrid the same a a 2-3 iron. I don't do anything different. ..
  8. Gary D
    Cranston, RI

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    Play it the same as you would a 3 wood. Swing slightly down on the ball and take a tiny divot in front of the ball. Let the club head do the work.
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    Hybrids are meant to be hit more like irons, so set up like you are going to hit a 3 iron. Remember you have the surfeit tech in this club so if it is going left/right too high or too low you can adjust it. If the issue is consistency of strike then it may be a shaft issue.

    The driver is the only club ment to be hit on the up, everything else is designed to be hit off the deck (or low tee) with a decending strike.
  10. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    Dr. K, I have been playing hybrids for about five years now. I feel I'm very successful with them as well as accurate, with that I play them as irons down and through with small divot. One thing that I had to remember was not to over swing and allow the club to do its thing. Has greatly improved my long game.
  11. Jim3948
    Warsaw, IN

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    Hi Doc. The beauty of the hybrid and especially the Titleist 915H is that you should be able to hit it like an iron or a fairway wood. Look up Shawn Clement hybrid. He explains it very well. Hope you are able to fix your swing and get that positive swing feel again.
  12. Dino J
    Burnaby, BC

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    Jim3948 said:

    Hi Doc. The beauty of the hybrid and especially the Titleist 915H is that you should be able to hit it like an iron or a fairway wood. Look up Shawn Clement hybrid. He explains it very well. Hope you are able to fix your swing and get that positive swing feel again.

    Hi DR.K ... I think that the above comment from Jim is bang on! The versatility of the hybrid is that you can make small adjustments to have it perform in similar manner to either the fairway wood or a long iron.

    For what it is worth, my personal experience and that supplemented by my coach is that the lie/playing conditions and the shot that you are intending to play will dictate in large part the type of swing required. My personal preference is a smaller headed hybrid that allows me to work the ball a bit better and can act as an iron with descending blow. If I am trying to strike the ball with a fairway wood type of shot, but happen to be a tad steep, then the hybrid design will still produce a good (not great) but a good shot that puts me in play and possibly make par, etc.
  13. Dr. Kovatchian

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    Thanks All!!!
    Tons of great advice!!!
    I'll keep working on the Hybrid Game.

    Dr. K
  14. Nick K
    Ancaster, ON

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    Google "Butch Harmon Hitting It Solid With A Hybrid" he offers some great advice, then its practice time. Good Luck!
  15. LBazzard

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    I was always taught, and have had good success with using a sweeping swing for hybrids. I normally take a divot with my irons, but try very hard to sweep and follow through down the line with hybrids.
  16. blair

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    In my experience I have always found that playing a hybrid like a fairway wood has produced better results. If playing it like an iron isn't working then try that. Hope this helps

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