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By BLoesche

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    I've been having issues with having a downswing with my driver and three wood that is too steep. I'm currently only hitting my driver 200-210 yards, as opposed to my usual 260-270. Are there any drills I could try to lengthen my swing? Thanks

  2. DV

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    Send a video of your swing DTL and Caddy View to PGA teaching pro Bobby Lopez for a free analysis. E-mail your video to
    Include your name, email and cell number so he can put your swing analysis on your email and/or cell phone.

    Bobby has been a PGA teaching pro for over 35 years and has a big presence on the Internet including YouTube, FB, as well as his own website/blog. He'll get you straightened out. Bobby is based in the Richmond, VA area.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    Was struggling with same issue earlier this year. My Pro suggested placing a mid sized dodge ball or volley ball behind the driver and as i take my back swing keep the head low to the ground and roll the ball away as far back as possible. In theory, the lower you keep the driver in your backswing your down swing will come in on the same path as it exited away from the ball. Really helped me get my swing back on plane. Good Luck!
  4. Carl T
    Little Rock, AR

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    The driver swing is more like a Merry Go Round and an iron swing is like a Ferris Wheel. Try this at the driving range. Take your driver and make some swings like you would be hitting a baseball with a bat. A swing that is waist high parallel to the ground. This is definitely a flat swing. Then slowly lower the swings down to the ground where you are brushing the grass. At this point think of how you would skip a rock on the water. Now tee up a ball and watch your old distance come back. With the three wood start out with the same swing with the ball just barely above the ground on a tee. Hit several balls and then place a ball on the ground and continue to make the same swing, a flat grass brushing swing that leaves no divot. Good luck.
  5. Tom W
    Southbury, CT

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    Thanks for a great question and thanks for the I am suffering from the same dilemma...

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