Southpaw TS2s

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By Joshua B

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  1. Just traded up in a big way! Picked up the TS2 9.5* driver and matching 3 wood the other day and got to take to the range for comparison. Had a png g30 driver and was loud on contact, 1st thing I noticed was the sound of the TS2, so nice. I then swung each a few times and while I didn’t see a huge difference in distance I saw a much tighter grouping of consistency. I had an older 915 3 wood and also saw improvement on tee and off the deck. 1st time I’ve been fully set up with Titleist clubs! Not to mention the headcovers, very nice touch, even came with a valuable pouch and tool! Well done Titleist, looking foward to game these bad boys and rep for us lefties out there!

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  2. Eric H

    Eric H
    Ridgway, PA

    You're gonna love it!

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