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By chris b

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  1. chris b

    chris b
    Leesburg, VA

    So I just recently bought the new lineup of TS woods ... TS2 & 2 fairways woods, 3 & 5 wood. I immediately thought the headcovers were not very good.

    I was first disappointed that there is no distinction between the fairway woods. I received two of the 15* 3-wood covers. You used to at least have one that said 15* & one that was 19* on the little tag. Both of mine say 3 wood. Also, they are extremely tight to get on & off. Being a sort of leather, when they get wet, heat & humidity, they will shrink again. Making it even harder to get on & off. I would think that clubs that were at this price point would have better club head covers. I liked the older kind with the sock part that would go down the shaft to protect the shaft from rattle damage in the bag. I might get someone to knit some covers for me just because these are not that great.

    Anyone else feel the same way?

  2. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    I actually love the headcovers, best ones i've seen in years and haven't had any issues.. It's a classy cover IMO...

    And "price point", pretty sure it's close to the same price point as the 917s and those covers weren't the greatest. Only reason why my TS2 driver was a little more is b/c of the shaft up charge..

    Sorry to hear you don't like them. Plenty of other head covers out there to game if these don't work out for ya. I have a lot of extras and tend to rotate them out.
  3. The new covers are terrible. Sure, they look great, but the driver headcover is very difficult to get on/off. It tends to "stick" to the crown, and it already scratched the club. I waxed the crown, that helped a little. I am looking for a replacement right now.

    I also like some shaft protection, the new cover is so wide at the shaft other clubs can work there way up inbetween and hit the shaft.

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