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By David

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  1. David


    Hi I was wondering if anybody can tell me who to contact about a lost zipper pull/handle on my 8 month old player 14 bag. It seems the connection point between the zipper and the pull/handle opened up a little bit and the pull/handle fell off. Anyone else have this problem and where can I get a replacement part? Thanks

  2. Seems to be an uptick in posts about quality issues with the Titleist bags lately. I had an issue with the clips on mine. I'd recommend getting in touch with Titleist customer service for spare parts. hopefully they'll be better able to prove you with help than they were for me. Good luck!
  3. I just bought my players 14 bag in Dec. had the same issue I fix mine with plyers . But I agree JLundquist email customer service. If you have a receipt and it's been less than a year they should be able to help you .

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