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By Doug E

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  1. Doug E
    Urbana, MD

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    I have had the newest version (2017) of the mid-staff bag, but this question applies to those that have the earlier 2016 model as well as the 2017 model. Maybe even prior models too, not sure. First though, I need to say I love the bag. My only complaint is that it easily gets beaten up on a golf cart from chafing on the cart and strap-in belt. I make sure not to pull the belt tight anymore and just usually put a towel between these vulnerable areas and the cart, which helps to lessen the damage over time. But, I'm getting off topic.

    On both models, the two side pockets on either side of the bag, near the top are very thin and quite small. Maybe large enough to get an old tiny flip phone in, but not much else. My question is, what do you use these two pockets for? I wonder if they were designed for something specific, because there isn't a whole lot that fits in them. I keep extra score cards from my club (which are smaller than most score cards) in one pocket, as well as a few extra pencils. The other pocket holds my very small credit card wallet and keys. That's about all that will fit. I don't smoke (yuck), but for someone who does, I'm not even sure if a pack of cigarettes would fit in there without squishing it. Some cash in a money clip might fit, I suppose, but I never carry much cash. Or tees and a ball mark repair tool. What else do you put in those pockets?

  2. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    Doug, I throw my muted I-Phone 6 in there as well as my small credit card wallet and keys
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    Hey Doug, I myself just finished buying the 2017 9.5 Mid staff bag, and I like you love it to pieces!!! As far as the cart beating the bag up I dont know quite yet. A few rental carts have shown they are not friendly towards my new friend, but there's a lot of clic gear and big maxx and sun mountain that look like they give a ton of clearance. As for the pockets, I find the front and rear compartments perfect! not too big. Holds my dozen PROV1 or ProV1X bug spray, sunscreen, hand lotion. Spare balls, a can or 2 of something and lunch :) Plus in the big pocket I have a jacket and other assorted clothing. Now for the large side pockets I use these for my gloves which I keep in the original package, so they all lay flat, works well. Iron and other head covers slid into the other large side pocket as well as shirts or any other apparel that lays flat. The one amazing pocket on the back thats soo soft, embroidered with the name Titleist :) goes the cell phone and wallet, and last but not least those side little pockets. On one side I have my 3+" tee's brand new and sparkling, and on the other side, I put my used broken ones. These I use for my irons shots when I need on the tee box, as it seems a waste otherwise. and I find from the cart they are easy to access at all times, and it keeps having to reach into your pocket and jangle around to figure out which tees you have already or do you have to get another? at first I thought these pockets were quite funny, but in all honesty, I love them. No more junk in my pockets and with the tees separated, time is saved fishing about for the right tee!!!!!! I hope this helps, and I would love to hear what other people use them for too!
  4. ADeLucia
    Winston Salem NC

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    I usually just put smaller things like tees, ball markers, extra cash and things of that nature. Depending on what phone you have you also could maybe fit that in there as well
  5. Tom B
    Northborough, MA

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    I use those for my ball markers, divot tools, and spare pencil and small sharpener I use for the pencils and broken tees to make par 3 tees. (seems harder all the time to find broken tees for my par 3's now that everything is going plastic), on one side and the cell phone on the other pocket on the other side. Other than that I love the bag, the way it sets up and having space for everything I need. Works great on my electric push cart.
  6. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I put my reading glasses in one and my iPhone in the other.

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