Titleist hats 2017!!!

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By Bobby L

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  1. Bobby L
    Treasure coast Florida

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    I love titleist hats because of the logo yet can never find one that fits properly and drives me nuts... sometimes s/m fits other times m/l ..... iam a 7 1/4 so i fall in the middle... quality control has been poor .. i saw the 2017 catalog and a new hat called deep back... i have high hopes cause it says better quality control on sizeing... i pray for the day titleist has 5950's for flat bills ill buy a bunch... what size do you recommend for 7 1/4 in the new deep and any details on this hat?

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    I agree with your comments as well. But I got taken aback because always purchased size 8. The true 59/50 was a great hat. I am anxious to see the Deep Back Titleist Hat XXL
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    Happy New Year to all !!! Team Titleist is great, everyone in Golf is proud of Titleist!

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