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By Franklin L

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  1. Which combo is best for short and long irons? I have CB’s but looking for a bit more distance in my long irons.

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Our opinions here are free and worth every penny.

    The Titleist sponsored fittings have experts to find the optimal configuration. Without knowing anything about your distance gaps, you might work best with any possibility of a driving iron, a T200 built as a driving iron, or a T150. A T100 may not cover enough distance from the CB
  3. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Hard to say. It is all based on the individual numbers. Would recommend going for a fitting if you want a blended set. If someone here told you wrong who is "not a fitter", without seeing you hit a golf ball, and you were unhappy, it would hurt the reputation of Team Titleist. Also you would have wasted your money. Go get a proper fitting. Welcome to Team Titleist.
  4. Ryan C

    Ryan C
    Fort Wayne

    Assuming you're playing CBs, you're a good ball striker and iron player. I've been looking into getting new irons the past couple of weeks and it's consistently been T-100s for my 7-9 and T-200s for my 4-6 for a little bit more forgiveness. But the T-200s should certainly give you a lot more distance.

  5. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    Maybe switch out long irons (3-4) for a 7 wood and 23H. My setup for 3 years (2020-2023) was CB 6 iron and MB 7-9 with Vokeys for the PW down. I've been carrying a 27 hybrid of one form or another since probably 2007. I discovered 7 woods since 2007 also. For the past year, been playing a simplified iron setup with 716CB 7 iron (32*) and 716MB 8 iron (39*) with wedge lofts of 46-52-58-64. I used to play a Sumo2 SQ 34H up until 2015 (when my dad passed away he left behind a set of Apex Plus irons with 975J driver and 975F 18.5 fairway). From 2017-2020, played AP2 6 and 7 with Apex 8 and 9 irons. The wedges were Vokey 50-58-64. The 58 was a 60-12/60-14K. In 2019, replaced the 9 iron with Vokey 46-10 bent to 44.

    The other option you can try is the T100 irons. I have a T100S 9 iron in my Sunday bag or use it with a 3 wedge setup (50-12F and 58-12D bent 2* strong with a 60-08M). The 716MB 8 iron does pick the ball better off tight lies.

  6. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    My short irons are T-MB 8 iron and T100S 9 iron. Wedges are 46-52-56-58-60-64. 48-10F bent to 46, 54-10S bent to 52, 58-14K bent to 56, 58-06K and 60-04L stock and the "Phil" wedge. I still have the 50-12F but got rid of the 58-12D and 60-08M. "Traditional" wedge lofts (46-52-56-60) with enhancements. I've had the "Phil 64" for 6 years now. The low bounce K works in a wide variety of conditions and is what I play on my two home course. The 58-14K/60-04L combo has worked for some time. Just upgraded my fairways and hybrid to TSR1 in March.
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