Serial Numbers on all clubs or just the 6 iron?

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By peter r

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  1. peter r

    peter r
    london, AE

    Hi I recently bought a set of 710 AP1's on ebay. Guy was a PGA Pro so i was inclined to trust plus feedback was good.

    Each Iron has a serial number - they are all the same serial number - it's just that i thought the number was only supposed to be on the 6 iron?


  2. Ryan Crysler

    Ryan Crysler
    West Palm Beach, FL

    Custom orderer/built irons have the hosel code on each iron.  You are in good shape!

    Off the rack irons feature the code on the 6 iron only.

    Ryan Crysler
    Head Instructor
    My Golf Performance Center


  3. Matt G

    Matt G
    Newport Beach, CA

    Wanted to echo this.

    I custom ordered my set of AP2's through a Titleist Rep and they all have the serial number. According to the guy who fit me, they are what tell Titleist my unique fitment. For example, when I ordered my Wedgeworks Vokey's, all they need was the serial # from my irons and they were able to pull all my fitting information. PS - the Wedgeworks Vokey's are now my favorite clubs ever, EVER.

  4. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ


    Good question

    Maybe Titleist Staff Pros receive their personal set with #s on all irons. 

    On another note:

    I also wonder if in their Titleist contract, their personal sets are not to be resold, but returned to  Titleist for upgrade to the new models.   If they are turned in, where do these clubs go? Are they offered for sale?  I'm sure TT Staff has the answers. 


  5. Hi Deno,

    Tour Players may or may not receive stamped product. Most of their products are built on our Tour van so the traditional serial stamping done at the factory doesn't always occur.  A Titleist ambassador can choose to keep their products or return them to Titleist but they are not required to do either.  There are no direct avenues to purchase product once played by a Titleist Staff player.  

  6. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ


    Thanks for the info on Titleist ambassadors.  My tennis contract requires that I don't sell my raquets, and return them for re-disribution to grass roots programs. As soon as I get my  6 new ones,  I give them to my Junior players for free.  Just wondered what Titleist did with their club pros.  Six new raquets cost about $800. 



  7. Christopher T

    Christopher T
    Sapulpa, OK

    I think if they all have serial numbers, then it was a total custom built set.  My brother has AP2's and they all have serial numbers.  But my dads AP2's on have the number on the 6iron.  The latter set is standard lie and length.  The Team Titleist reps can better answer, but this is what I have gathered from reading some other posts.  Hope you enjoy them. 

  8. I purchased Ap2's 3-4 years from authorised dealer Pro Shop after I was custom fit by a Titleist rep. None of my clubs have serial numbers not even 6 iron. Two vokey wedges do not either... what gives? Should I be concerned - I hardly think my pro shop would be selling fake kit?

  9. My AP1 716's have not serial number (that I can see), where should I be looking on the 6 iron please ?
  10. I bought some used AP1s from an internet retailer (Global Golf). 3 of the 7 irons have serial numbers (not identical) on hosel. Should I be concerned about authenticity?
  11. I have just purchased a set of ap1 716 from eBay but the 6 iron is the only club that has a serial number should. I be concerned

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