Titleist Driver Forgiveness?

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By ASheppard

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  1. ASheppard

    Worthing UK

    I have always struggled to hit a tee shot with Titleist drivers and fairway woods. I find them difficult to hit and if I managed to make contact I slice the ball. I know historically that Titleist Drivers and Woods are not suited for mid to high handicappers is this still the case with the new versions

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I have difficulty hitting any fairway metal from any company. Not slicing per se as not launching. I'm in the driver club head speed for the intended market of 90 mph or less for the TS-1. It has a little more offset to help close the face to the path. That is a plus for faders/slicers. My miss is more of a pull than a fade with this driver. I can see a market for (I wish) a TS-1 fairway, not so much as lighter as with an MOI to launch better with some more offset.

    The offset can be improved through the hosel adjustments - increasing loft closes the face that is slightly open at neutral settings. So fades can be helped but slices are on the archer.

    I can't say enough for a good fitter that can help with any swing faults leading to a slice while finding one of the 4 heads for driver and an ideal shaft fit to your swing. If just picking a driver off the rack, I agree, it can be hard to hit.
  3. Dennis H

    Dennis H
    Spring Valley, WI

    I've played nothing but Titleist since the 910 series and have found them as forgiving as any.
  4. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    As Don said, if you pick a driver off the rack, it will always be harder to hit than one that you are fitted for. My problem with my Titleist 917D2, 10.5° and 917F2, 18° is their forgiveness. I just hit them straight.

    The best advice that I can give you is to get a custom fit driver. Whether it is Titleist or not, it would be the best option.
  5. Mike M

    Mike M
    Salem MA

    Generally speaking, most forgiving to least,in this order; TS1-TS2-TS3-TS4. Personally, I love Titleist woods. I never like anything too large, and find Titleist heads smaller than most. In fact I still have the 910-D3 in the bag.
  6. OK so I am what they call a mid handicapper. I used to have a png driver which was hot and cold. Then when I decided to get serious about golf I got fit for my 718 AP2. Soon after I bought a used 910D2 Driver, of which I found SO much easier to hit. At the end of August this year I went and got fit on a Titleist Thursday with Derek Whipple. He put me into a TS2 with a much lighter shaft than I was using.
    Not only did I have an average gain of 36 yards off the tee, but the dispersion pattern tightened an easy 20 yards especially on my bad shots. Honestly the TS2 has a sweet spot the size of a Canadian Moose. It is Soooooo forgiving. And I just played it yesterday for the first time on the course, and I was beyond stiff from a week of hard labour at work, and My TS2 driver performed so very well, even though I was not striking it well at all.

    But being a Mid handicapper, it is even more imperative you get fit!! if you buy stock off the rack, you will not be getting what you need for your swing speed, strike, path etc. Book a titleist thursday and get fit and start shaving strokes off your game and enjoying hitting some longer, straighter drives.
  7. ASheppard

    Worthing UK

    Thanks for the replies. It may just be physiological on my part
  8. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    I always thought that png drivers were the most forgiving. I didn't like the performance of them though, especially when you were reaching back for an extra 10+ yards that might be needed once in a while. I always bought Titleist drivers with my credits etc. through the pro shop, as the performance was there that was lacking in the png, but I hung on to a png G30 for the forgiveness when i wasn't quite on. Hated the sound of it. But since the Titleist TS2 came into my back the G30 not only took a permanent back seat, it was traded in and is gone, not having been used for near 2 years. I find the TS2 every bit as forgiving as the G30, without the awful sound AND I get the performance I'm looking for. I like it so much, it may be a while before I consider ever replacing it.
  9. ASheppard

    Worthing UK

    I used to have png drivers, then TM, went to Titleist, as stated could not use these so went to cally but would love to go back to Titleist as I have Titleist Irons and Vokey wedges
  10. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Sound and feel have a real mental impact. I'm used to Titleist drivers and I prefer them. As an example, TM metals have never given me the same response/feedback that I can appreciate. When all my friends were raving about Rocket Balz, I never tried one that felt right.
  11. Tour Pros can go from on manufacturer to the next and not miss a beat. It's not the arrow, it's the indian is the common phrase. I'm an 8.6 and started with Titleist 714 AP2's and a 915 D3. Switched to all cally, only to switch back to all Titleist, save the trusty Scotty Cameron Newport 2. Play what's FIT for you, what feels GOOD to you, and whatever brand you're comfortable with. But most important, take some lessons. Slices can easily be fixed by your local PGA pro, and would be far cheaper than changing equipment. Me personally, I'll take my Titleist!
  12. Rene R

    Rene R
    Houston, TX

    i found the same with 910 to 913 drivers. 917 was a little better but TS2 was a game changer. it was very forgiving.
  13. MW


    I too have tried many drivers over the years, and it just so happens my personal best came with my 913D2 10.5º. Be sure to err to the side of more loft if you cannot be fit. More loft imparts backspin, which fights the side spin and provides a generally straighter flight at least. Its just when you have too much that it greatly robs distance.

    I like the 45 inch finished length of Titleist drivers. That's long enough for most. Better control.
    Try the larger, higher MOI versions of the Titleist drivers. (Usually the "2" variant in the lineup.)
    They are generally as forgiving as anything on the market, and I often prefer the sound and feel.
    I like the adapter design compared to some other manufacturers as well.
  14. I have hit MANY drivers over the years from all of the major manufacturers. The Titleist 905R has outperformed them all! You just have to get the right clubhead/shaft combination and gain the confidence to swing freely without tension.

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