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By Chris W

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  1. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    hello fellow TT'ers, Went home on my lunch break today and I had to double check my calendar because I thought it was Christmas. Sitting on my front porch was my new TS3! I'm looking forward to hitting the links this evening to try it out. It will be a while before I can make myself hit range balls with this beauty! Would love to hear from others who already have theirs, how much are you loving it? thanks and have a blessed day.

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  2. Barry B

    Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

    Awesome! Let us know how well it performs after your round. I'm expecting my TS2 before the end of the week, can't wait.
  3. Jason P

    Jason P
    South Abington Twp

    Very nice!!! I’m willing to bet today was one of the longest afternoons you’ve had at work in a while. Let us know how it felt on the course!
  4. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    Jason P,

    I think yesterday afternoon flew by in a whopping 3 days! lol yes sir, it seemed to take forever, but well worth the wait.
  5. Congratulations! Would like to hear feedback after you've played a few rounds with it.
  6. Wade W

    Wade W
    Roanoke, VA




  7. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    9.5 TS3 with EvenFlow 6.0 shaft
  8. Scott D

    Scott D

    Lucky you!. Waiting for my TS3 to show up soon and it can not show up soon enough.
  9. Congrats Chris! Cannot wait to hear your first impressions from the field......
  10. That’s a great surprise. I am waiting for mine to arrive. When did you order yours?
  11. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    Robert J,

    I was lucky enough to have a connection through a previous employer and I actually only ordered this last Friday (9-21) so its not a really good judge on how long the wait is, sorry, I'm unable to help there.
  12. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    Morning all,

    Well yesterday didn't go exactly as planned, although not bad... Ended up running a few errands for my grandma before speeding (safely) out to the course just in time to play 3 holes with 3 balls a hole. 9 tee shots, 5 fairways hit, rough average distance was about 276 (not great I know) however, there was no warm up time, lol. I will need to do a little adjusting on the settings but it felt great. 3 of 4 fairways missed were first cut, the other one? well.... it was in a fairway, just not mine and of course that's TOTALLY the clubs fault, wink wink. Overall I was very impressed with the club, also as far as the distance goes, the ground is still fairly wet from several days of rain here in TX so I'm not too worried about the yardage for now. I will post again once I've put in a little more time with the club, as I've also recently acquired 718 ap2s so I wanted to hit them as well as opposed to just pounding balls with the driver. Thanks for all the positive comments and I hope you all get a chance to try out what I am sure is going to be an awesome driver!
  13. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    CORRECTION... the average distance was 267 NOT 276... sorry, my mind is all over the place today.
  14. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    I guess I should have added that the average distance was about 5-7 yards shorter than my 913 BUT like I said, no warm ups and wet ground, club felt great, ball came off hot when I struck it well, sorry, I left all that out, trying to get a little work accomplished today. haha. thanks guys!
  15. What was your previous gamer setup?
  16. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    Robert L

    my previous gamer was a 9.5 degree 913 D3 set on C4, I love playing a power fade. how about yourself?
  17. Currently - 915 D4 8.5 - D1 setting, Oban Devotion 6 04 65g. I ordered the TS3 8.5 (-2g weight), w/ the same EvenFlow shaft. What shaft is in the 913?
  18. Chris W

    Chris W
    Cleburne Tx

    Robert L

    the 913 has the Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus White 72 in it.
  19. Dwayne N

    Dwayne N
    Island, KY

    Looking for mine this week can't wait

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