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By philip b

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  1. philip b

    philip b
    Troy, NY

    I was wondering if we should expect to see a new set of Titleist Irons in the near future

  2. Dylan R

    Dylan R
    Ottawa, ON

    Titleist tends to put out new sets of irons every other year (hence the 7XX naming). I would assume an updated version of the current 718's will come in 2020. Hopefully I'll be able to throw some of the new AP2s in the bag!
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    IF they keep the 7XX designation (so much for the 919 woods), the AP1/AP3 might get the biggest improvements. With the cast heads they can play more with face thinness and optimizing the tungsten location/weight. The AP3 would be the candidate to improve as the players' distance iron. The pro's are less interested in more iron distance as they are control, so the MB/CB would be more incremental than exponential. That's my imagination running wild. I've got my gapping set now, so I'll likely stay with what I have until age impacts my swing in my 70's.
  4. I’m a 28 handicap and haven’t played for quite a few years I own a set of Titleist DCI oversize. What Titleist irons can anyone recommend with a big head to be more forgiving. Many thanks. John
  5. Samuel  C

    Samuel C
    Phoenix, AZ

    JHurst said:

    I’m a 28 handicap and haven’t played for quite a few years I own a set of Titleist DCI oversize. What Titleist irons can anyone recommend with a big head to be more forgiving. Many thanks. John

    That's a great questions JHurst, but it really all depends on how much you will be playing and what you're comfortable looking at.

    Have you had a chance to check out all the new Titleist irons (718 - MB, CB, AP1, AP2, AP3, & T-MB)?

    If you haven't, that would be your best bet to try and look at all of them, compare them to what you are used to and then swing them and then get fitted. A lot has changed since the Titleist DCI oversize irons and it might surprise you as what you might feel comfortable with, once you swing them and get fitted.

    From what I remember about the DCI oversize irons, were that it was a "bigger" club head, but the soles and even the top line were pretty thin for an oversize clubhead. I would think that you might feel really comfortable with an AP2, but the AP3 and even the T-MB are amazing as well (as all the other clubs in the line-up).

    But shafts have changed a lot also, and there are some many to choose from, weights, flex points, etc. and it will really help your game to get the best set-up.

    Let us know what you end up liking.
  6. Thanks all for your help. I was thinking AP1 716 or 718 or the TM M4s. Going to have a look next week. Haven’t played for fourteen years due to having a problem with disc C3 in my upper back. Had a lot of problems but avoided surgery so going to play once a week as don’t want to push my luck. Hope I’m on the right track with the above mentioned irons. To be honest the AP1 716 irons sound good on reading about them and at just over £400 seem a decent choice. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. John
  7. I recently went from DCI's (822 OS) to C16's. I had the 822 for about 15 years so I was due an upgrade. Really good clubs but really expensive. Try some different clubs at a Titleist fitting day, I'm sure you will find ones you like.
  8. RTaylor

    Louisville, IL

    The 718 AP1's would be my suggestion. Just went to them this year from my 716 AP2's, and they are forgiving. Really like mine.
  9. Thanks R Taylor I’m going with an open mind but I’ve read a lot about clubs with decent size club face and forgiving and definiteley think the AP1 718 might suit me as they are cavity back as well.
  10. Interestingly the Titleist Japan web site has VG3's for sale which look a bit like a production version of the C16's. They don't look at technically advanced but they look a notch up from the 718's. Forged club with tungsten weighting.

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