Recoil shafts in AP 3'S

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By TUser

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    Looking for any feedback from anybody playing Recoil shafts, especially in the new AP3 Irons. I have demoed the Tensi Red but felt it to be a bit loose and soft. Also curious to know if I can get a Recoil shaft from Titleist that is not shown in the shafts page, specifically their 71 gr offering? Thanks for the help.

  2. Darron K
    Fate, TX

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    I would suggest seeing a certified Titleist Fitter or hit up a Titleist Thursday. That way you can try the Recoil and other shafts to see what optimal for you and your swing. I have Recoil 95s in AP2's and love them. They may or may not be the most optimal for you though.
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    Darron, that is my plan. Thanks for the feedback. Always good to hear all the stories and the pros and cons of

    everyones experiences.

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