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By Elson C

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  1. Elson C

    Elson C

    Hello all, I just picked up a Titleist deadcenter SP209, I am curious about a couple of things Which year was the 209s manufactured? also, the grip is pretty worn out, where can I get a replacement for it, I like how thin it actually is. and last, would Titleist offer a restoring service for such club? I know it is only worth a few bucks, but I truly like this thing and don't mind spending some money making it look brand new. Thank you in Advance for any response

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  2. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    Following is from a golf forum:

    Titleist Deadcenter putters were made between 1987-1995, depending on the model.
    Models: SP-201 to SP-209 I believe, differences being the styles of the hosel.
    Dead Center putters are engineered with a bi-level cross-hair alignment system.
    Golfers can precisely set up for a consistent and repetitive stroke by seeing and correcting any one of four common soling errors: too flat or too upright lie, too open or too hooded face.
    All Dead Center models are heel-toe weighted to reduce twisting on off-center hits

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