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By Joey L

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  1. Joey L
    Chico, Ca

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    I’ve been a loyal Titleist buyer since 1999. Like many of you, I’ve spend what would be considered by many people to be crazy amounts of money on Titleist, Scotty Cameron, Vokey and Footjoy products.

    In the last year I’ve invested about $6,000 into my clubs, bag, balls and other misc (probably $10,000 + going back to 2014). I often hope that my loyalty will be rewarded with some token of appreciation, but so far nothing.

    I’m wondering what the rest of you all think about this?

  2. Tim Tiger
    Bixby, OK

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    The "Loyalty" that I receive is knowing that I get the highest quality of products. They are made and designed to perform to my liking and benefit.
    Acushnet is the finest company in regards of Customer Service, which is another "Loyalty" perk.

    People are always going to buy golf equipment and choose what brand they want.
    I am a loyal Titleist/FootJoy product user and they are loyal in supplying the highest performing equipment for my game.

  3. Hotsauce
    Georgetown MA

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    Hopefully for your 10k you were rewarded with 4+ years of gaming the best equipment in golf- leading to lower scores, an enhanced feeling of trust in your equipment, and ultimately more fun.

    What I think about all of this is that you've completely missed the point of this community. It is not a place for feeble and transparent solicitation; it's a place to connect with other Titleist and golf enthusiasts.

    If you're looking for free stuff, you should try to contribute to the community by posting things of substance or attending (or even hosting) an event.
  4. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    Being LH and "old" (68), I've purchased Titleist exclusively as most of the other OEMs don't carry a full range of products. Retailers focus on selling inventory on hand which is never what I need. So Titleist Thursdays and service from local pro shops that care for me have provided excellent value for the money I've invested (probably north of $4K since 2014).
    I've gained a lot from what others here have helped me with, and on occasion the concierges have intervened if something wasn't right. I have 3 different bag tags and various pieces of swag from TT for my devotion to this group. I'm not convinced that other OEMs offer the quality and service or if they have loyalty programs or rebates for frequent flyers. I'm ok with the satisfaction Titleist has worked to provide me.
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    Your loyalty is rewarded every time you tee it up by using the best quality golf equipment available! How’s that!
  6. Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

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    Have you ever seen people at the course look at your equipment & bag etc etc. Knowing you play the best makes them envious unless they play Titleist too. Like others have said your loyalty is playing the best of the best and not having to worry about your equipment. As for Bag Tags, test balls etc etc. Post on the site, add insight to your game or assistance to others & you shall be surprised what might come your way down the road. TT is a great community to be involved in I am proud to be a TT member and glad they have this forum.
  7. Joey L
    Chico, Ca

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    Yeah.... So I guess what I was thinking was maybe getting a chance to pre-order products before the general public (BY PAYING FOR THEM), or demo products, or BUY merchandise only available to proven Titleist Loyalist. Mabye a program similar to
    Club Cameron, but better.

    I understand that Titleist quality and customer service are grade A. I also know firstbhand that their facilities, equipment and most importantly their staff are the best there is.
  8. Speedy
    Newmarket, NH

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    10K?!?! Good lord.. Can i live with you? First, I'm sure Achusnet is very thankful for your commitment to their product. Secondly, how do they know when you buy new clubs? Do you send in your receipts? That's not how it works on the Team Titleist community my friend. I've been a loyal Team Titleist member since 2012. Heck when i first joined the only Titleist clubs I had were Vokey.. I couldn't afford the APs or the driver at the time or the Scotty or the FJ apparel. Had a crummy job at the time but today I've been blessed with a good job so i can spend a few extra bucks. But before I spent, I joined the Team Titleist community to get a feel for their products, what people said, etc. I was happy with what I saw and read so long story short my whole bag is now FILLED with Titleist clubs, not 10K worth though..

    I've been VERY lucky enough to get a few things over the years from the Team Titleist folks BUT I'm always on here reading, posting and staying active like other members.. It's not about what you buy, it's about what you provide to this community. Post stories, share your feelings/thoughts on clubs, give reviews, share any travel stories with us, etc. Go to any events that are located in your area and if you're spending that much on clubs, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend saving a few bucks and attend this year's TT Invitational. Not sure where it is this year but you will not be disappointed. You'll get a chance to met some great people including the brilliant Team Titleist staff. I have A LOT of respect for that team.

    Being a part of Team Titleist has been great to me. I can't begin to tell you how many people I've become great friends with over the years from this community, it's priceless. And you know how many have asked me how much I've spent on clubs? Zero. Be patience, stay active and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

  9. 19hole
    Woburn, MA

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    Joel, while Titleist has benefited from your significant investment in the best equioment you can buy, it is your local retailer that you should be reaching out to for a little thank you.
  10. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    I agree totally with everyone’s comments and suggestions. I have been driving vehicles from the same automobile manufacturer for the past 30 years. Why? Because I know and trust the quality I receive from them; vans, SUV’s, cars, and trucks. I say all of this to highlight the analogy with Titleist equipment. Perks and freebies are great, but the quality of the products and the integrity of the company are what is important. Enjoy your equipment and participate in Team Titleist as you choose.
  11. Mike M
    Hamilton, OH

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    19Hole Said " it is your local retailer that you should be reaching out to for a little thank you."

    Other than TT items I've gotten, and Pro V1 Trial Balls, which I am always grateful for receiving, my local dealer "Miles of Golf" here in Cincinnati, is always appreciative of my business.

    Being one of the 4 Regional Titleist fitting Centers is beneficial also,

    I asked them to be part of our United Way fundraising Carnival a few years ago, and they came out and held a long distance driving event for us, that everyone had a great time at. We raised some good money for a worthwhile Charity and they got an opportunity to further spread the Miles name and fun of golf throughout the city.

    As I see items in the catalog or via email from FootJoy or Scotty Cameron, they will order it if not in stock if I want one.

    While I haven't spent 10K there yet, I'm close ! Pete and the team know that I stop there first, due to their loyalty to me, as I am to them.

  12. JAM

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    I am thankful Titleist exists because I have no interest in any other brand. Year after year Titleist makes improvements to their equipment and that's good enough for me.
  13. Dave N
    Lady Lake, FL

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    Speedy +1.
  14. Richard F
    Hutchinson, KS

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    Been playing Titleist since I think 1999? I was fitted for 981SL and Studio Select1 putter then in 2008 to AP1 and now 716 AP1. Still using the same putter after Cameron restored as well as a backup studio select 2.5 backup. THIS has been my reward.
  15. Lance P
    hillsborough, NC

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    Speedy's post above nailed it: it's not what you buy but what you share!

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