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By Dwayne N

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  1. Dwayne N
    Island, KY

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    with all the testing at titleist headquarters which iron model all variables being the same. Same shaft same ball same swingspeed is the longest iron titleist makes in the 718 series?

  2. Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

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    That's an interesting question, I would guess (strictly a guess) AP3's but I do not know but would like to find out myself...
  3. greg p
    Algonquin, IL

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    I don’t have an answer, but distance is the least of my concerns with an iron. Maybe I am in a minority, but I look for feel, accuracy, forgiveness, and aesthetics.
    It doesn’t matter what number is on the club as long as I know I can get a dependable distance with a proper strike.
  4. Richard A
    St Neots, Cambs

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    I agree with Greg
    Why is it that people are more interested in how far they can hit a ball than concentrating on accuracy and forgiveness. Does it matter whether you hit a 5,6,7, iron 150yds as long as it ends up where you want it.

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