Compare carry, spin, height/descent for different irons with same lofts

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By DWewer

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    The loft of the AP2 7-iron is 34* -- approximately the same as the AP3 8-iron at 35*. If both models have the same shaft, would the expected carry, spin rate, and trajectory be almost identical for the AP 2 7-iron and the AP 3 8-iron?

  2. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    No. The MOIs are much different. The AP1 and AP3 will launch higher even if 33 degrees. Even if using the same shaft. Longer is a benefit if launching was an issue in your previous set. In general, the AP1 is for the wannabe better player, the AP3 for the getting better player, and the AP2 for the better player. My opinion is the irons are for accuracy and I do just as well taping "X yards" on the iron and not worry about whether the AP3 is longer than the AP2. At some point we all need to get some help launching a longer iron, be it using an AP3, T-MB, or hybrid. Short of those that can control an AP2 2 iron like I do a 7 iron. In my case, I was a wannabe AP2 player, but I've found love and consistency with the AP3. It wasn't a distance consideration, in the fitting, the AP3 was just better for dispersion and a better launch angle. Let a good fitting determine what is best for your game.
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    No... they're completely different irons with different builds. Read up on the different tech in each iron, and that will explain what each model is geared up to do for you.

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