I have old clubs i need new ones any suggestions????

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By Luis P

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    I have old clubs ive been trying to save money to buy a complete set but its hard to save money kus my son was born 4 months ago so you know how that goes with formula and Diapers but im still saveing lil by lil i wanted help on choosing my next set of clubs what do you guys suggest i should get so i know how much to save up Thank you for your help

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  2. Brandon C

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    Hi Luis! By FAR the best thing I can suggest is to get out to a demo day or even better a Titleist Thursday event (www.titleist.com/.../thursdays). They'll have a Trackman and Pro V1/V1x golf balls to make sure you get dialed in for the best possible clubs for your game.

  3. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Best advice, get fit before purchasing new clubs. It's the best way to find out what clubs work best for your swing. If you wait until spring you might be able to find a Titleist Thursday event in your area where you can book time and get fit for free.

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    Luis, my advice get fitted for clubs to determine what the length and lie of your clubs should be. If your lucky like me, you'll be standard length and lie.

    If you are looking for an upgrade and not able to shell out for brand new clubs (I understand I've got 3 kids) check out ebay or local golf stores, you might be able to snag a set that'll work for you.

  5. Rooster
    West Wareham, MA

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    I would go for the free fitting to get what your perfect set up would be. Whether it be AP1, AP2, AP3. Then you can see what a new set would cost and if your budget can do it, go for it. If your budget is limited (I understand, went through it too) you could get a previous model of which model fit you better.
  6. Jason S
    Schofield, WI

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    Find a qualified fitter. You may be able to save some money with clubs that are gently used and withing the last two models. A good fitter should be able to adjust the lie, length or reshaft if necessary which may save you some money.
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    1. Get fitted
    2. Spend majority of money on 718 AP1
    3. Try some oddesey putters find one you
    Like and find one like it a few years
    Older on fb or ebay
    4. Buy driver fw and hybrid off eBay or fb
    A few years older

    Until u build ur bank roll to buy all new, if u even wanted too, spend money where it matters, on the irons. Find Woods that you like and can keep in Play. You score with your irons and putter imo. I traded miz jpx 900 forged for 718 ap1 and am playing the best golf of my life right now. Hope this is helpful and enjoy ur family.
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    Try to get fitted if you can. Global Golf is a reputable company that sells a lot of used and new clubs at great prices. They also have previous years clubs in great shape. I have dealt with them before and great customer service. Good Luck.
  9. Ronald H
    Meridian Idaho

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    Wait until golf season and buy clubs that someone wins in a tournament and wants to sell. Tons of them on craigslist and such, and most of them still have plastic. Also local clubs tend to dump drivers and woods around this time of year. Next look for last years models. Hopefully this will save you money and allow you to take care of the little one. If the clubs you have work, use them. Nothing wrong using old ones.
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    Thanks TT fam for all the advice so say if ronald h told me the 718 ap1 have a better feel or the sound better when u hit the ball or something like that so i go in to get fitted and i tell the guy i want to get fitted for the 718 ap1 irons will they find the ones for me mean like length loft and so on..or will i have to test ap1 ap2 and see which one is best for me...i dont know how to explain what im trying to say but say i want to buy the ap1 will the make does clubs fitted to me or if they dont fitt for me i have to try different models to find the one that fitts me....if you kinda understand what im trying to say i would appreciate the help

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