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By Grant V

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    Many people, including tour pros, have been using the AP3 irons especially 4-6 because of the forgiveness and distance. So why play the AP2 is their any advantages, besides feel and preference, to playing the AP2s

  2. Chris Hatem

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    In addition to look, feel, sound (preference)- its all about the numbers (spin rate, launch angle).
  3. Stuart B

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    I just got fitted for Ap2 today, tried the Ap3 and didn't hit them as well as the 2s which the fitter clearly backed up with flightscope data so it really is down to each individual. Titleist have just broadened the choice for many more levels of player to play their clubs, great customer awareness.
  4. Mike H

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    Like others have said they will give you different spin numbers overall so depending on how your iron game work one may be better than the other. Another thing is loft the ap3s are up to 3 degrees stronger than the ap2s which is about a whole club stronger. So going with the ap3s could be bad for some players gapping in wedges or woods/hybrid preference.
  5. Rob_Roth1
    San Diego, CA

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    I don't like irons that have super strong lofts that the AP1/Ap3 carry. I have went down that avenue before and it ruined my game.
  6. Deno
    Hawthorne, NJ

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    For what it's worth....I totally agree with Rob.

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    Like so many things in this game it comes down to what you feel comfortable with. Obviously #s are important and you can’t argue with data, but confidence over the ball can make or break the match (or tournament). Same reason not every player changes irons as soon as a new model is introduced.
  8. Rick R
    Graham, WA

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    I bought AP2's without being fitted.. (Got them used at a great price), but the offset isn't right for me. I am back to my 804os for now until I can hit the AP3's to see how they feel. The AP1's have a bit more offset than the 804, so I have a little problem with them also. If the AP3's don't pan out, I may have to go with an older version of the AP1's... Go get fitted is the best answer... It can cure what ails you.
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    I'm going to upgrade from my old TM R-7's and I love the look of the AP series clubs. I've scheduled a club fitting and I'm leaning towards the AP3's.
    I'm a 13 now but looking to get back to a single digit handicap.
    Are the AP3's the right place to start?

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