Titleist VG3 Golf Balls

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By Sean FN

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  1. Sean FN

    Sean FN
    Weymouth, MA

    I've been seeing the Titleist VG3 golf balls in some of the golf stores. I know they are made for the Japanese market, but what Titleist ball do they compare to in the US market?


  2. Brad K

    Brad K
    Oak Creek, WI

    The Titleist VG3 Golf Ball is a premium distance model exclusive for the Japanese market, featuring a super lower spin fleximer cover and soft center multi-component construction. The new Titleist VG3 delivers low spin off the driver and irons for long, straight and consistent distance on all shots. The construction features a soft center for lower spin and an advanced 332 catenary dimple design with a Staggered Wave Parting Line A.I.M (Alignment Integrated Marking), which offers more consistency and length.


  3. Sean FN

    Sean FN
    Weymouth, MA

    Thanks Brad. What Titleist ball is it similar to on the US market?

  4. What type of cover is on this ball? How is the greenside spin??
  5. Garrett C

    Garrett C
    Chattanooga, TN

    I picked some up at the store the other day and it feels like a NXT Tour. Im using them for practice balls.

  6. Thomas W

    Thomas W
    Bandon, OR

    The VG3 is like a hybrid cross between a Pro V and NXT tour series.

  7. Roy McAVOY

    Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

    Sounds like they are worth a try, just ordered a dozen on ebay for $27.00 with shipping..
  8. Roy McAVOY

    Roy McAVOY
    Oswego, NY

    My VG3's just came, does anyone know if there is a difference is with red and black numbers ?? Thanks.
  9. the red  numbering usually denote hard golf balls,while the black numbering  usually denotes soft golf balls, like in the case of 

    Pro V1x (hard), ProV1(soft).This also usually holds good with other brands also.

  10. I starting using the VG3 a couple of months ago and love them. Very consistent distance due to lack of spin...a double-edged sword. I buy mine at Golfsmith where they are 23.95/dozen. The best value I have found in a ball in a while.

  11. Lefty FPL

    Lefty FPL
    Haymarket, VA

    Hey Dan Got 2 doz sitting in my office waiting for the weathewr to warm up to get a good idea on this ball .. how do they play around the green I'm thinking not a lot bite ?
  12. Thomas W

    Thomas W
    Bandon, OR

    The VG3 bites and sticks like glue on firm greens. They will also spin off wedges when you lay the club flat on it's back and place the ball forward in stance.

  13. Nick B

    Nick B
    Louisville, KY

    What Titleist ball is it similar to on the US market?

  14. Chuck M

    Chuck M
    quick, qu

    Brad, I have no idea if your are a Rep. for Titleist but I would like to know if the VG3 Golf Ball is a legal and conforming ball in the U.S. Best Wishes Chuck mactwochuck@aol.com
  15. This Ball is compliant with USGA.  Go to USGA website and check for conforming balls and search for Titleist VG3.  It is there!

  16. Hey, What I'm looking to find out is what is the difference between VG3 RED, GREEN and BLACK? Thanks, Rich Fiori
  17. I translated this from the website - missed the bottom half


    Distance and soft feel on impact with excellent straight phenomenal
    NEW VG3 has been developed to study thoroughly the golfer in Japan, to improve the performance of distance compared to the traditional modeldepends on the 332 catenary dimple design has evolved with the coremultilayer compression newly developed low, but soft further is to achieve a sense of premium distance ball. Color, three types of "Rainbow Pearl" "YellowPearl" "Orange Pearl". Number play has a lineup of 11,33,55,77

    Product Features
    Straightness and phenomenal distance
    Soft feel on impact in every shot
    3 color lineup

    Innovative technology

    Multilayer low-compression core
    High elasticity and low-spin Fleximer cover

    直進性に優れた驚異的な飛距離とソフトな打感日本のゴルファーを徹底的に研究し開発されたNEW VG3 は、新開発の低コンプレッション・多層コアと進化した332カテナリーディンプルデザインに より従来のモデルに比べ飛距離性能を向上し、さらにソフトな打感を実現したプレミアムディスタンスボールです。カラーは、「レインボーパール」「イエローパール」「オレンジパール」の3種類。プレーナンバーは 11、33、55、77 をラインナップしています

    低コンプレッション・多層コア高弾性・低スピン フレキシマーカバー

    332 dimple latest Catenary


  18. Skylar T

    Skylar T
    Coral Springs, FL

    I think the different colored numbers on titleist golf balls are a difference  in compression.  Somebody told me that because i had a pro V 1 with a red number and one with a black.

  19. Lefty FPL

    Lefty FPL
    Haymarket, VA

    Just ordered 2 doz $23.00 each .. Will see when they come in
  20. I have just received a dozen balls marketed as prov v1 but they are nothing like a pro V!.I can only assume they are fakes or japanese from a company called newgolfoutlet Malcolm

  21. What about the Green number?

  22. Well, Titleist and most other brands have Black (prov1-soft),Red(prov1x-hard).

    Green,blue,golden brown etc:,are for  the Japanese and other Asian  brand of

    golf balls.

    I believe these Japanese golf balls  are really good golf balls and are as good as

    Titleist and other brands,however they are expensive if they are Japanese,like all

    Japanese golf equipment.

  23. Bill G

    Bill G
    Richburg, SC

    I got a doz VG3 from Golflocker and they came loose in a plastic bag, no box. They seemed to go pretty good and putted well. I played in 40 degree weather, so not a good test. They felt a little hard to me, I am guessing they are a two piece ball.
  24. I was given a couple VG3 balls last week, florescent green with a ball number of 55. I typically play with a ProV1x but after hitting this ball for two weeks now I will be switching to this ball. It doesn't have the softness of a ProV but it is still a soft ball. I typically can drive a ball 280 to 290. The dimples on this ball allow for a straighter shot but yet when chipping this ball will check up and stop when using a wedge. As for putting, nothing beats the feel of a ProV1 but this ball still feels good on contact. Very please with this ball. Time to put this on my Fathers Day list, Christmas list, birthday list...etc. LOL. I would be interested to read what a Titleist rep says about this ball and what US Titleist ball could replace it.
  25. Found one of these balls at course white with black numbers. Played it for 15 holes thus far. really like it.Seemed to stay in fairway bette, if reading right less spin. The lettering and gloss is kind of weird. Would like to know more about the color of the number red vs black.

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