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By Alex

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  1. Hey up TeamTitleist what ball is being Tested at the moment?

    Seen some Test balls on insta but no idea what ball it is.



  2. Fred L

    Fred L

    From my previous test balls I have tried didn't have the model type. The last test was balls numbered 3 and 4 and had to complete survey on web site.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    The non-urethane balls are due to be released at the PGA show in January. One possibility is if your current profile is for one of them, you might be testing the final new version.
    Or not. If not as above, there will be no way to know. AVX and Tour Speed are not on the urethane ball release, just more possibilities of what you got.
    Enjoy true trial and provide feedback.
  4. Fred L

    Fred L

    Just received New 2022 AVX test balls. Will be using this weekend. Christmas came early today...

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