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By Abby L., Team Titleist Staff

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  1. Hey everyone! 

    There's always more to prove and we want to know your goals for 2019. 

    Share a photo of your Pro V1 or Pro V1x, write your goal for the year and tag #provingit and @Titleist on Instagram. We'll pick one winner to feature and win a dozen golf balls each week through the month of February. 

    Remember, this is on Instagram! Rules:

    Good luck!

    Team Titleist Staff 

  2. Deno

    Hawthorne, NJ

    Good luck to the Instagram posters. I'm technology challenged Abby. Still using a flip Maybe my goal for 2019 should be to"get with it".



    Submitted, thanks for the heads up Abby.
  4. Tom B

    Tom B
    Northborough, MA

    Deno you're not alone. Not necessarily technology challenged, but just not interested in all of it. Got the internet and email and that's enough for me. Otherwise Titleist's and TT sites, along with a few other golf sites are enough for me. Thanks anyway Abby.
  5. Speedy

    Newmarket, NH

    Thanks Abby and that video is so good! Once again the Crew is killing it with their work... LOVE IT!
  6. tony k

    tony k
    bradenton, FL

    Obviously made by people who love golf for people who love golf. Well done.
  7. Tosh.


    Can’t do social media stuff either..........
  8. Totally bewildered by Facepin, Instabook, Chatrest and the like...
    May be missing out but I'll never know...
  9. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    Oh, I thought Instagram was a group weight lose site...Lol

    I have enough people (6 kids) telling about all the social media sites and that is enough for me.

    Good luck to all that post, its' always worth it

  10. Steve S

    Steve S
    Tuckerton, NJ

    Great video Abby! I don't do the social media thing. Just can't seem to get it. Can't teach this old dog new tricks I guess. I'm still thrilled with doing the TT web site!
    Play Well,
    Steve S.
  11. pauldrue

    Nashua, NH

    Thanks for choosing me for the first winner in the sweeps. Loved doing the goals list and taking the pic. Titleist comes through once again!



    Post Image
  12. Todd T

    Todd T
    San Diego, CA

    Congrats, thats a good list!

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