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By MSutherland

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    Around 6 months or so ago I received a sleeve of 3 test balls with accompanying letter. I was advised I would receives an email for feedback. Nothing to date. Question - these are the best balls I have ever had the good fortune to play and wonder if they have been put into production and if so under what name. Thanks

  2. JKissoon
    Ajax, ON

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    It's probably the Titleist AVX.
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    I received a sleeve of test balls around the same time and they were Tour Softs.

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    Probably the Tour Soft ball. Excellent ball.
    Hitemstraight madgolfer. ;]
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    Thanks for that. Balls had a very penetrating flight with extra distance compared to my usual NXT Tour balls yet soft feel around greens. Prob buy a sleeve of both balls just to compare
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    I also was a tester of the tour soft, but recieved them in the middle of November in Northern Minnesota, go figure. My son bought me a box for fathers day, and could not be happier. This is my kind of ball, super soft that holds greens, and puts like a dream! Fabulous job Titleist!
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    hi you said that you get those ball and those were good too practice. that's cool.
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    I also received a sleeve of balls around mid November. After comparing them to whats available now, they definitely were the Tour Soft.

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