AVX vs. V1 vs. V1X

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By John B

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  1. John B
    Kenmore, NY

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    Could TT give me a golfer profile of who each ball is designed for?

    I read the info on each ball, but am still a bit confused.

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    Hey John - Great question. I really like this image that our golf ball team created to discuss the differences between Pro V1, Pro V1x and AVX.

    Pro V1, Pro V1x, and AVX are differentiated based upon flight, spin, and feel. Compared to Pro V1, Pro V1x flies higher, spins more, and feels firmer. Compared to Pro V1, AVX flies lower, spins less, and feels softer.

    Hope this helps and let us know if you try it!

    Team Titleist Staff
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  3. Don O
    Madison, WI

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    While slower speed swingers may think the lower flight would hurt distance, give the ball a chance. I've gained close to club distance on mid-irons. Can't say driver distance has changed, but this ball extends my range to go for the green.
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    Don O said:

    While slower speed swingers may think the lower flight would hurt distance, give the ball a chance. I've gained close to club distance on mid-irons. Can't say driver distance has changed, but this ball extends my range to go for the green.

    Less spin = more distances = less stopping power with the irons. Personally I can hit it far enough to reach the greens, what I need is the ball to stop once it gets there.
  5. Dale V
    Escondido, CA

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    Spot on Abby! John, everyone has their own preferences so try them all out and decide which works best for you.
  6. Kathy J
    Portland, OR

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    Thanks Abby for the explanation!
  7. JAM

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    I had the same question, thanks for clarifying. It is interesting there is no mention about distance,

    Thanks, Abby
  8. No'l
    Palmdale, CA

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    Great stuff, Abby!

    Thank you.
  9. Barry B
    Lake St Louis, MO

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    Great graphic! Should put this somewhere on the golf ball page....and maybe come up with a second graphic for the Tour Soft, DT TruSoft and Velocity.
  10. John B
    Kenmore, NY

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    Thank you for the visual - great Idea. I am a low ball hitter, with more off a sweeping swing path so I don't generate a lot of spin so I play the Pro V1X (5.5 index). Based on the chart and a fitting I had last year with a Titleist rep I think I will stick with the V1X for now.

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    The visual is extremely helpful and clearly lays out the dynamic differences that most players care about. In lieu of a proper ball fitting, this should help consumers make a relatively informed decision.
  12. Tyler H
    Appleton, WI

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    I plan to put all 3 balls to test side by side next week when I head out on vacation.

  13. Jerry M
    Dallas, TX

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    Was not aware of the different attributes of these 3 golf balls. I may need to try to AVX out as I hit the ball fairly high. Good Information. Thanks Abby!
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    I like the visual comparison. I like the avx as it gave me more distance but I missed having the spin that I get from pro v1x so I went back to the pro v1x.
  15. Kerry H
    Henderson, NV

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    I play the V1, but tried the AVX. This ball in the wind is incredible with nice feel. 10+ yds with Driver and Irons. Not as good around the greens as the V1.
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    Just picked up a dozen of the AVX this AM. Have played the Pro V1 for 10+ years......can’t wait to hit the tee box tomorrow and get a chance to see/feel the difference.
  17. Donald G
    Fair oaks, CA

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    Great visual, played all 3. The AXV is slightly longer. Hit em all and and decide. Titleist Rocks. Thanks
  18. Mark P
    foxboro, MA

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    I was gifted a dozen AVX. I am very happy to say I have tried them. As a senior golfer I feel these have added distance to my game. Great feel coming off the club.
  19. Randall R
    Smithfield, NC

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    Thanks as well, Abby! The thing I have noticed with the lower flight/spin is that the ball is hot on shots that need to roll out like fairway clubs or punch shots. Love this ball already!
  20. Tony H

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    Can't wait for the UK launch to see which best suits my overall game
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    Living in Arizona, I've been able to play the AVX for months. My golfing buddies tend to be players in their 60's. We've all switched to the AVX. For us it's about 10 yards longer off the tee. We are shooting lower scores.
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    In California we were lucky to be one of the 1st Test states for this AVX ball, and I have been playing it ever since it came out. Most of my gang play Titleist ProV1 or 1X, as I did, favoring the ProV1 as when we play our course gets windy. ProV1 definitely bores thru wind best, until now. What attracted me to the AVX initially was it comes in Optic Yellow and as I get a little older it is visually much better off all clubs. My swing speed has slowed some also and this ball helps make that up. This ball is by far the Best Ball I have ever played. Off driver this ball just jumps off face and bores thru wind and runs out much farther than ProV1 or 1X, whether hit higher or lower. Irons and wedges plays longer, again whether hit low or high. I love when you want to punch it low the run out you can get. As far as stopping on green, it is ever bit as good as ProV1. Love how it putts also. Just to test it out I gave a few to my Scratch golf buddies and they loved it, all gained distance, especially one who hit his 4 iron of Tee box with AVX, 25-30yds longer than normal. He kept my ball by the way. This AVX ball just has all the consistencys in every category for a Great ball for all types of players. I am glad Titleist decided to keep it in lineup after testing, especially after testing results came back a huge success. I have switched many over to this ball, even though some complain it is same price as ProV's. I told them to keep quite since it outperforms for normal people the ProV's, Titleist might raise the price??? All should give this ball a fair test and you will not be sorry.

    Thanks, John "MAC" McDANIEL
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