Scotty Cameron Kool Aid Pro V?

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  1. DC

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    I have done a google search and searched my regular golf forums but haven't found any discussion including these golf balls. I found one on a local course a few weeks ago, its in good shape. The design has the red kook aid man, he has a pitcher in one hand that is spilling that also includes the "circle T"?

    Any ideas what this ball was for, was it included in a set? I haven't been able to play it because it has a really cool logo.


  2. ScottyC50
    Painesville, Ohio, USA

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    Do you have a picture? I bet myself (and others) would love to see it!
  3. Joshua B

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    Do you have a picture? I know Bettinardi does a poison look aid man logo...but thats the only time I've heard it used in golf world...very interesting
  4. Andrew A
    Charlotte, NC

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    Sounds like a personalized ball but I would lve to see it as well.
  5. DC

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    Here is a picture
    Post Image
  6. DC

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    Anyone have an idea? Don’t believe it’s a personal logo of any type, looks as though it’s original.
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    Looks like the former owner was not a big believer in the glass being half full.
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    It looks like the bettinardi kool-aid guy. the idea behind it is that people who buy scotty cameron putters are drinking the "kool-aid" (bob bettinardi used to work for scotty before going out on his own.)
    However, having owned and gamed a few bettinardis, I am now playing an s/c (cameron & crown) and trust me, it has nothing to do with drinking the kool-aid. It's simply a better feeling putter.
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    Never gamed a Bettinardi before. Not a Kool aid guy just like the Scotty Cameron putters. OTR's (Off the rack) as well as CT's (Circle T's = Tour).

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