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By Jesy N

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  1. Jesy N

    Jesy N
    Burnsville, MN

    First time commenter, long time Titleist follower... Two part question here, what is the most common number ball everyone prefers to use and how often do pros use custom number balls?

  2. Chuck Z

    Chuck Z
    Mt Pleasant, SC

    Personally, if I order custom balls, I order #69, for the lowest round I shot in 2013. Normally I purchase high numbers 5-8, Prov1s. Most everyone else seems to use the lower numbers 1-4.....three seems to be a pretty poplar number......
  3. Jimmy M

    Jimmy M
    Troy, MI

    I prefer to use the numbers 2 and 3 in my tournament rounds. When I am just playing a round for fun I could careless. I use 2 and 3 as in my mind that is the scores I try and get on most holes. I also have "It's always sunny" on my golf balls.

    Now with the pros, I can recall a video released by Team Titleist a few months back about this. I can't remember exactly who said what but I remember some of them saying they don't care or play numbers 1 on the first day and 2 on the second and so on so forth. I kind of remember Dufner saying he doesn't really care will play the high numbers or the low numbers. Im sure someone else on here can answer that better.
  4. Jay H

    Jay H
    Lexington, SC

    Jimmy M, I remember the video you are talking about and I was surprised how few of the pros use custom numbers - like double digits. Seemed that most use some combination of 1-4, perhaps preferring a certain order for use (4 thru 1 or 1 thru 4) or a certain number within that range (2's and 3's, etc.).

    In my Loyalty Rewarded customization last year, I used "5" to represent my family of 5. Also have done "00" which is kind of fun.

    Have fun with it!

  5. Joe M

    Joe M
    Fire Lieutenant (Ret)

    I just custom ordered #13 since that was my truck # in the fire department. I've previously used #23 since that was my uniform # in college.
    I heard an interview with Jordan who said he uses #1 on day one of the tournament and so on
  6. Bryan M

    Bryan M
    Lemont, IL

    I've done lucky #7 for the past several years - I like the fact that every ball out of the bag is the same number. Don't really know why, but I like the option...
  7. Jim K

    Jim K
    Bel Air, MD

    I love the look of double numbers (00, 11, etc.) I think I prefer 33 the most though.
  8. Robert

    Corpus Christi, TX

    i have my 4 boxes of #00 coming to me soon. they also read "drive for show, putt for dough".
  9. Robert

    Corpus Christi, TX

    Robert said:

    i have my 4 boxes of #00 coming to me soon. they also read "drive for show, putt for dough".

    here they are!!
    Post Image
  10. Darryl M

    Darryl M
    Wichita, KS

    I use 2 & 4 the most in my Prov1's when playing practice rounds. But when playing a tournament I always use the #1 ball the whole time. I have done that since my days on the high school team.
  11. Terry  G

    Terry G
    Sherbrooke, QC

    #4's for my NASCAR driver, Kevin Harvick!!
  12. Mitchk2

    Fresno, CA

    I personally like #2 balls because #2 has been my number in every sport for years. My dad and usually split boxes. I'll takes #2's and #4's and he'll take #1's and #3's
  13. Mike M

    Mike M
    Hilo, HI

    For the past few years I've been getting them with my age for the number and the name of one of my dogs on them--that was a suggestion from the club pro, so that when I lost one it wouldn't be obvious who lost it. This year the number is 78 and the name is Lily....
  14. Christian J

    Christian J

    I decided to go with the double digit balls this year. I like numbers that end in 9 (shame you can't get #9) so I went with 29. I got them the other day and I must say I think I made a good choice. Feels low enough that you aren't being silly yet unique that I'll never have to mark my ball.
  15. Robert C

    Robert C

    On my Loyalty Rewarded order, I went with 30 for my dads year of birth and had his initials and USAF personalized. He passed away on my birthday a couple years ago so this is a way of having him with me during my rounds.

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