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By Daniel Tramble

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  1. Daniel Tramble

    Daniel Tramble

    Ok Please bear with me. I am building a second set of practice clubs for home and my question pertains to shaft length

    I was fit 2 x years ago for TSI3 in A3 setting (8.0*). and 45". MC SFT blue 55 g shaft which I really get on with.

    Now I did TSR fitting on the 8th and the numbers with the TSR2 for me were insane. Used newer version of this shaft but stock 45.5" length. I could not get over the smash of the driver and the feel.... It is coming this week.... ** I ordered the TSR 2 9* in A2 and the 16.5* in A2 as well. They really are incredible clubs. I saw the differences on the Trackman no question at all

    For my backup bag I wish to put my TSI3 into it HOWEVER want to either 1) buy a stock shaft on the used market or 2) extend mine.

    Which is the best option for this route. will putting an extender into it make the shaft feel different (.5' extension) or should I look for a stock uncut shaft.

    Happy to hear opinions on this one. the extra .5 will give me slightly higher CHS and BS etc and I am 51 and arthritic and a more smooth swinger I "top out" at 95 mph CHS with a 55g R flex shaft

    Many Thanks


  2. Barry M

    Barry M
    Reno, NV

    Either will probably work fine. A proper fit .5" extension should not affect the shaft characteristics, but you may want to experiment with the swing weight if you're going to add length. Good luck with it. Having a back up you can fiddle with is always fun.
  3. Daniel Tramble

    Daniel Tramble

    Barry. I get it. I have a buddy that had a new spare PXG AV Tensei blue 55 in what appears to be standard playing length I contacted my fitter as I like to experiment and he knows me well and hes going to put a titlest tip on it

    I am going to try 45 vs 45.5. I was fit for a 45.5 TSR2 and it's awesome and I feel I can kick and snap the ball a hair more. I worked hard this winter and wanted to have a perfectly great second bag to practice with. I am curious to see my results in the trackman. I am a tweaker and love to have fun.

    Thanks for the reply

  4. I’ve added extensions with no issues
  5. Hi Dan,

    I would always suggest going for a new uncut shaft 0.5 longer.

  6. J22abe


    The weight of the shaft extension would decrease the swing weight, but the added length would increase the swing weight. It would depend on what type of extension you used. It likely will get a little heavier in swing weight when you're finished.

    That can be compensated for by changing out the stock weight to a lighter or heavier one, depending on what you need. Or you can add lead tape, or a counterweight depending on need.

    The club will also play to a different lie angle, you may have to adjust the setting A3 to something different to correct the lie angle. You may have to shift to B4 or A4. Or something else entirely.
  7. Edward K

    Edward K
    Wesley Chapel, FL

    Buy a longer shaft, it's super easy to swap them out. Go to a Titleist fitter that actually has a cart, not a few clubs in the back room. They'll show you why the longer shaft is generally not always better, even though you may gain a few yards.
  8. CTillman

    Downriver, Michigan

    If your intention is to "tinker" - I wouldn't hesitate to extend your shaft .5 or even a full inch. The swingweight shouldn't change enough to be noticeable (added weight at butt will lower swing weight aprox 1pt, added length will increase swingweight aprox 1pt - not an exact science but close enough) to us common folk. Just make sure the extension is installed properly.
  9. Joseph M

    Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

    The .5" extension will add approximately 3 swing weight points- you could add an 8 gram counter weight to deduct approximately 1.6 swing weight points- the net increase in swing weight should't be very noticable.

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