ap3's bought from online retailer as standard lie

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By ken r

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  1. ken r

    ken r
    Grand island, NY

    i had them checked by my fitter and he found several at -2 and several at +1, and the rest at 0.

  2. Diego D

    Diego D
    Miami, FL

    ken r said:

    i had them checked by my fitter and he found several at -2 and several at +1, and the rest at 0.

    Hi Ken. I also have AP3s, but I was fitted when I bought them. I have never bought golf clubs from an online retailer. Having said that, I guess you paid much less than what I paid and once you were fitted the issues were solved. I hope you enjoy hitting your AP3s as much as I have enjoyed mine. They marked the end of the AP era.

  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Having watched the assembly, other than banging around warehouses (last build a year ago by Titleist); I can’t imagine them being shipped that far out.

    That’s almost a sign of knock-offs.
  4. Jimmie H

    Jimmie H
    Pomona, CA

    Good Morning all. I have had the T300 irons since they first came out after purchasing on line from Dallas Golf.
    Can the Lie Angle of these irons be adjusted at my local Edwin Watts Store or will they need to be sent back to Titleist? Jh
  5. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Titleist will need to adjust to maintain the year warranty. Edwin Watts can adjust with the acknowledgement that that voids the warranty. Guessing you must be getting close to the end of the year. Edwin Watts should be able to quote how much to send them to Titleist and how much they would charge to do in-house. I thought Titleist may offer to adjust the lie during the warranty so it would only be the cost of shipping.
  6. I was fit for AP3 irons late last year just as Titleist was about to stop making the AP1-2-3 series.
    I tried the new T100-200-300 series (prior to the T400 being introduced) but was not thrilled with the look of the clubs. I like the look of the AP3 much better.
    I had previously played with DCI series irons for 22 years. They were standard length shafts, 1 degree upright.
    I was fit for the AP3 at 1/2 inch longer shafts, standard lie.
    I seem to be hitting the new AP3’s about the same as the old DCI’s.

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