Manchester Lane Fitting Experience

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By Mike M

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  1. Mike M

    Mike M
    Roanoke, VA

    I’m taking advantage of the inexpensive flights and cautiously planning a trip (Covid) to the Titleist Manchester Lane Testing center for a complete bag fitting. Sort of a bucket list for a golf junkie..Really looking forward to the experience along with seeing the technology at the test facility. Wondering if anyone else has gone through a similar Titleist bag fitting. Currently scheduled for September so I’m hoping the new drivers are available for the fitting as well as an improvement to my Current 716 AP1s and 915 driver.

  2. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    I have been to the TPI facility in Oceanside facility and it was absolutely fantastic. Pretty sure if you do a search you can find write-ups of both facilities - Bottom line - Highly recommended!

    Only thing I might suggest is to break up the fitting to at least a couple of sessions if you can swing it. It will cost a bit more but perhaps give you more options. I know I only have so many decent swings for a fitting.

    No matter what though I know it will be an amazing experience. Enjoy!
  3. Ken

    Tonawanda, NY

    I went to Manchester facility a few years back and it was one of my best golf experiences. The staff there definitely know their stuff (had the pleasure of dealing with Karen Gray and Chris O'Rourke) and the range conditions were impeccable. I still have every club in my bag that I was fitted to and as a result of being fitted, have lowered my handicap. Since it has been a few years I will be planning on taking another trip there soon. Have a safe trip and enjoy the fitting!
  4. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    I've been to both, and the primary difference is humidity and finding Manchester Lane is more of a secret location. Trust your maps app. Once inside either, you could be Justin Thomas or Wade Simpson and the treatment is the same. Make sure you work on your stamina for a full bag.

    The TS replacements should be available, although they may be only launching TS-2/TS-3 at that time. TS-1/TS-4 came out later in the TS 2 year cycle. Even if they only offer the current TS line, they can ship within a week of an order and the drivers are discounted by $100 for now. The next gen may not be shipping until mid-October.

    Manchester Lane is within 5 miles of Ball Plant #2. Be sure to take the tour and there is a TT shop at the end.
  5. Robert D

    Robert D
    Livermore, ME

    I just had my full bag fitting at Manchester on July 2nd, it was a great experience. The staff there are fantastic and my fitter Kyle was outstanding. The club and shaft options are to many to count. One of the best parts for me were the conditions where the fitting took place, the range is perfect, the hitting area is completely flat and mowed to the perfect height for hitting balls, there are bags of ProV1 or ProV1x balls to hit, whichever you prefer. They use Trackman launch monitors for precise data. There is also a short game area for wedges I think you could spend all day at if they would let you, again it’s a perfect area for hitting shots. The only thing for me that was underwhelming was thinking since this was an R&D facility for Titleist balls there would be something to really see, but for the most part it’s a couple of robots hitting balls and a few computer screens, nothing to spectacular. But overall the experience was fabulous and I would certainly do it again.

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