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By Daniel S

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  1. Hello. I purchased my TS2 driver and fwy with the standard weight in the port. Not sure about the fwy, but I believe that makes the driver D3/D4. I hit it very well when playing around with it in store. I tested it at the standard 45.5" length with the standard TV 360 grip. Purchased with the Evenflow T1100 6.0 65 shaft. The club felt great, but I wanted a thicker grip.

    After purchase, I had the shaft cut a half inch so total playing length is now 45" and I switched the grip to an MCC Align Midsize with three extra wraps on the bottom hand. Although I hit the driver well, I'm wondering if getting the club back to the stock swingweight will help me feel the head a bit more and help with a little more added consistency.

    Anyone know what weight I will have to purchase to get it back to standard swingweight?

    I'm also wondering the same thing for my 3wood. Also a TS2, Playing at 43" with Atmos Blue Tour Spec 7S. Same grip and same wraps.

    What weight would I need to get the FW back to standard swingweight?

    Thank you for looking!

  2. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    While the grip affects the static swing weight, I've never noticed a difference in a dynamic swing. Shaft length does make a difference. You can add 2g at a time of lead tape to see if it makes a difference. That will be less expensive that buying a complete set of weights. If you decide to add a heavier weight, then you only have to buy one.

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