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By Allen B

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  1. Was wondering if any Team Titleist members have done a Club Gapping Session, and if so what were your thoughts on it? Was thinking about doing one here in the near future.

  2. ProB1

    White Plains, NY

    I would suggest doing this and pay careful attention to the top of your bag. I'm pretty sure the gap between my driving iron and 3-wood is too big, but I'm rarely in positions between yardages with them. I did for wedges and irons with my fitter from Club Champion. It was very useful to get actual data and basically confirmed my stock yardages. But, there was gap between my 50 and 56 that was 3-4 yds too much so he bent the 56 1.5 degrees stronger. I wouldn't have picked up on this without the session.
  3. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    I used to do one of these every year about a month into the season at our course using the Pro's TM4 to re-focus carry distances. We installed a GC-Quad into the basement last year so now it is easy for us to range but regardless I think it is a useful exercise.

    Too many people focus on total distances they see on the range or on the course and wonder why they land in green-side bunkers in the way into the green...… just sayin....

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