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By Rick M

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  1. I have been having shoulder issues that were making me loose distance. I recently tried a set of clubs (different mfg) with graphite shafts that were 75 grams, all my distance came back plus some. I know there is a lot more to the design than simply swapping shafts in order to get the same effect. So my question is this: I have the last set of AP2 irons before the T's came out, I know the lofts are weaker and the shaft is the standard white stiff. Can I make adjustments to these clubs that will help me acquire similar results. If I adjust the loft and change the shafts what will I end up with? I don't really want to buy new clubs, these aren't a year old yet.

  2. These are the specs of the clubs I borrowed:

    Club length loft lie swing wt.
    4 – 38-7/8 20.5 60.5 D0
    5 38-1/4 23.5 61 D0
    6 37-5/8 26.5 61.5 D0
    7 37 30 62 D0
    8 36-1/2 34.5 62.8 D0
    9 36 39.5 63.5 D0.5
    PW 35-1/2 44.5 64.1 D2
    UW 35-1/2 49.5 64.1 D2

    These are regular shafts (graphite) and the weight was actually 72 g.

    So the 2 questions I have are can my clubs be adjusted to these specs, maybe a little higher shaft weight to get to firm/regular or soft/stiff?? Any recommendations are appreciated.
  3. Don O

    Don O
    Madison, WI

    Don't forget to check the loft on the other OEM's clubs. The shaft may not be the whole answer. You can work with a Titleist fitter with a T100 and see if something in the Titleist matrix may be more suitable. You can then get a local club or Titleist replace the shafts.

    Another option is to sell the AP2s on e-Bay and apply that to a new set of Titleist irons fit for you. After buying the shafts and paying for the installation, the net difference may not be worth retro-fitting the AP2s. A shaft in the Titleist matrix at no up-charge on a new iron may be a $75 shaft in the aftermarket.
  4. Taking a shot in the dark, but looks like the borrowed set is the specs for the png g410's. If so, you have a stark contrast in the design/purpose/function of the club. The AP2's are not designed as a "distance" club, they are a preferred choice for better shotmakers, flight control, distance control etc. The g410's are built for a higher margin of error in ballstriking, they are designed for distance and for a higher ball flight for players needing help getting the ball airborne. Loft vs. Loft will not give you the whole story on an iron, center of gravity, multimaterial designs etc. Investing in graphite shafts on your AP2's is a pricey endeavour and you may not get the distance results you are looking for. The upside is your "distance control" will be more precise with the ap2's if you dont mind what the number on the club says i wouldn't worry about it.

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