Titleist Club Fitting Safety Guidelines Q&A

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By Brice Waddell

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  1. Brice Waddell

    Brice Waddell
    Vista, CA

    As more golf courses and shops reopen daily, many golfers looking at new equipment may be curious about their club fitting options. We reached out to Brett Porath, Director of Titleist Club Fitting, to answer some of the more frequent questions we’ve been fielding. Check them out below and feel free to post any other questions you’d like the club fitting team to answer in the thread below.


    Team Titleist: Am I able to get fit for Titleist golf clubs right now? If so, where?

    Brett Porath: Absolutely – we have restarted fitting events and local golf shops are resuming fitting per their local health guidelines. Go to our Fitting Locator to find a local fitter or our Appointment Calendar to find an event near you. We’ve also resumed fittings at the Titleist Performance Institute, and appointments are currently available.

    TT: Are there any new guidelines or restrictions in place? If so, how were they developed?

    BP: We’re adapting events to comply with guidance from local and national health agencies. Our protocols meet or exceed the guidelines in your local area and focus on some main principles of using social distancing, cleaning and disinfection, wearing masks when we are within 6 feet of each other, and minimizing common touch points (for example, golfers only touch the club grip while fitters do not).

    TT: How should I interact with my fitter during our session?

    BP: We can maintain social distance for much of the fitting and only ask that you wear a mask when you are within six feet of the fitter. The most important parts of the fitting remain - communication between golfer and fitter, measuring ball flight with a launch monitor, and trying different heads/shafts and specs.

    TT: Has the actual fitting process or experience changed at all? In other words, were any steps reduced or eliminated?

    BP: We are 100% focused on your performance, and we won’t cut corners where performance is concerned. This means we haven’t changed the essential parts of a fitting that we mentioned above.

    TT: Are there options for golfers when an in-person fitting is not possible? For example, video or remote fittings?

    BP: The cornerstones of a comprehensive, performance-based fitting include the ability to accurately measure ball flight and to try different club heads, shafts and specifications. While we wish those could be accomplished remotely, we cannot maximize a fitting remotely.

    We can, however, offer guidance through our driver, iron and wedge online selectors and offer consultations via phone call with a Titleist Concierge at 888-TITLEIST to help you learn more about our clubs and which ones might be best for you.

    TT: Can I still order the clubs after my fitting? How long will it take for me to get them?

    BP: We’re pleased to have re-opened our production facilities and we’re working to reduce lead times from the current three weeks estimate. Being golfers ourselves, we understand that it’s challenging to be patient when waiting for new equipment. We think you’ll find the long-term performance of custom fit and built clubs is worth the short wait, though.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    Thanks Brice! Good stuff.
  3. James Grow

    James Grow
    Milwaukee, WI

    Thanks for sharing Brice! I just scheduled a fitting in a month for a new driver and fairway wood so good to know best practices before attending
  4. Scott D

    Scott D

    Thanks for sharing I have a fitting on Sunday. Looking at the T100S’s and some Vokey wedges.
  5. Thanks for the helpful update! One additional question...have fittings resumed at Manchester Lane?
  6. Brice Waddell

    Brice Waddell
    Vista, CA

    Hi Jack - we have resumed fittings at Manchester Lane as of Monday, June 1. Thanks for the question!

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