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By Darrell P

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I recently got fitted for a set of T100 5-PW and U500 4H with AMT Red shafts at standard length. I'd like to also get AMT Red for my wedge set (50-12F, 56-12D, 60-08M) and I had another question pertaining to the shaft lengths.

    Will the irons and wedges be build with shaft lengths according to the standard length for each club listed in the Titleist chart (attached below), or according to the AMT Red shaft chart (also attached below).


    Post Image
    Post Image
  2. The lengths and lie should be the same but i would recommend getting fitted to get your correct bounces dialled in.
    Good luck
  3. Marc W

    Marc W
    las vegas, NV

    I was recently fitted for irons 1/2 inch long and I degree up, and the gap 1/4 inch long and std and sand and lob were std for length and lie, does this seem right? Feel like they should all be 1/2 long for distance control??

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