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By andrew b

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  1. andrew b

    andrew b

    I have been tweaking my driver head weight since getting a hzardus yellow shaft in my 915

    I bought a full weight set and gone through the set - what a difference

    The heaviest weight made it feel like I was hitting with a hammer

    The lightest (white) increased my swing speed, distance and ball flight

    Has anyone else tried this?

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  2. Lou G

    Lou G
    San Diego, CA

    On a hybrid, a standard 9g weight is just right. My 3W has a 14g weight and that actually keeps my pattern tighter. My hybrids and fairways are -1/2". The hybrids have 70g shafts and the 3W has 60g. My driver is standard length and I have a 9g weight (910F standard is 7g).
  3. Are the weights in my 917d2 73mm or 70 mm long

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