Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 2.0 7 Stiff

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By Mike B

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  1. I'd like to purchase a TS3 9.5 driver with this shaft. Will I be able to order it directly through Titleist or will I have to buy it somewhere else and hope the adaptor is a legit TS3 Surefit adaptor (not aftermarket)? I see the Fujikura Pro Tour Spect (not 2.0) is available in the 2018 custom options PDF. I do not see the 2.0 listed but it was just released earlier this year (after the pdf was released).

    Appreciate the time!

  2. 19hole

    Reading, MA

    I wouldn't be so quick to order a shaft until you have been properly fitted. There may be a better shaft for that driver for your game. Give the fitter a chance to do their job!
  3. Cath D.

    Cath D.
    Carlsbad, CA

    Hi Mike, We offer the Pro 2.0 Tour Spec 6, 7 and 8 and you can order them with your TS driver. Although as Rick says, getting fit first is the way to go since the Pro is an upcharge shaft.
  4. Appreciate the feedback. I should have stated it previously, but I was fitted for that combo. However, when I tried to order it from my golf club I was told that I could not order that shaft directly. So I'm a bit confused now.

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