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  1. Loving the look and feel of AP 3 head. Leaning toward AMT Red shaft but would like the swing weight to be a bit lighter. Any thoughts on how to make this happen? Would graphite help, but without loosing the feel of the head? Thanks for any feedback.

  2. Dale V

    Dale V
    Escondido, CA

    I have the AMT Red in my 718 T-MB's. I went to graphite a few years back as my arthritis was beginning to be an issue. I like them and don't have any issues over weight or clubhead awareness. I kept standard steel in the Vokeys. Test out all options in a fitting session, demo day, or Titleist Thursday. Maybe even get a loaner set to take out and make sure they feel right for you.
  3. Hi When you place your order, you can specify a swingweight of D0 using std grips, and the AMT Red shafts. Depending on specs, we might be able to build it lighter, but not sure how much lighter you would want it.
  4. Cathi, Dale, Thank you for the feedback. I am not one to change equipment very often so I want to get this right. It's probably my games loss since I am still playing 735's and before that 762's! The other side of that is I stick to what I get comfortable with plus I take care of my stuff! New son-in-law is a club pro so we will get this right.
  5. Dale not sure I am following you correctly. Are you saying you moved from graphite back to steel in your T- MB's? Were you having the same problem feeling the club head with graphite?

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