Speeder 661 TS 3 wood shaft

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By Tom B

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    I was fit at a Titleist Thursday this last summer with a fujikura speeder 661 TS stiff shaft half inch short at a D1 swingweight!!

    We went lighter because I have a desintergrating L5 disc in my lower back, so have lost some swing speed and I love the new lighter shaft!!

    So now I have decided and fitted for the speeder 661 TS stiff shaft 1 inch tipped for my 917 F2 3 wood at regular length at 43” with a D2 swingweight!! The lighter shaft produced an additional 4 mph swing speed, lower launch at 12.4 and 7 yards more carry!! Problem is when Golf USA ordered it at D2, they were told they could only go D1 or D3....would it be better to go the same swingweight as my 917 driver at D1???? Just looking for some advice, thanks and Happy New Year!!

  2. Thomas Y
    Wenham, MA

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    Well, lead tape is still your friend. Order it at D1, then add lead tape to bring it up to D2. You can even be discretionary with the location of the tape (won't make that much difference in the CG no matter where you put the tape, really).

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