718 AP2/3 Combo

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By Dr Lars N

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    Hi, I want to order a AP2 (PW-7) / AP3 (6-4) set mit KBS Tour 90 stiff, 1/2 inch longer and 2 degrees up. Is it necessary to correcht the loft of the AP3‘s for a harmonic gap beween the irons? Greatings from germany, Lars

  2. Corey T

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    You definitely would have to provide the loft adjustments you wanted made otherwise the builder will not know your intentions.
  3. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    Yes, you will definitely need to make some loft adjustments. Check the 718 Iron Specifications document on this site. There is a 6 degree gap between the AP3 6 iron and the AP2 7 iron.....2 degrees too much. So you need to figure out how you want to bend these irons in order to narrow the gap to 4 degrees.
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    thanks....but i thought this combination is not the first and some
    empirical values exist?? 1 or 2 degrees less loft in the AP3 for example....
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    more loft i mean

  6. Tom P
    Stanley, NC

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    Dr Lars N - I don't understand what you are saying... However, nevermind. Just go to Clubs/Irons/718 Iron Specifications. Based on that info, you can make whatever adjustments you deem necessary.

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