Help with Hybrid Shaft in 718 TMB 2iron

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By Brian B

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    Hello all, this is my first time posting here, but I lurk the board.

    I recently ordered a new T-MB 2 iron with a KBS Tour S iron shaft, the shaft I really wanted, the KBS Hybrid Graphite Prototype was unavailable as an upcharge option. I am still relatively new to the reshafting process and was going to have a local club builder do the work.

    I do need help in choosing the right one. I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out the swing weight issues of putting a graphite shaft into the TMB clubhead. Will the swing weight be fine? I was thinking either the 75 or 85g in stiff flex. Would I benefit more from going heavier?

    I mostly use this as a driving iron, and hit it from the deck once or twice a round. I know the real answer here is to get fitted, but I dont know of anyone with this shaft and also a 2 iron head they could use to try it out.

    I really appreciate the help!

  2. Joseph M
    Saint John, New Brunswick

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    The KBS shaft I believe is 120 grams and if you replacing with a 85 gram graphite shaft the swing weight will decrease approximately 4 points- every 9 gram decrease in shaft weight decreases swing weight 1 point. Every increase in head weight of 2 grams will increase swing weight one point and grip weight decrease of 4 grams will add 1 swing weight point. Knowing the shaft weight differences you should be able to come close to the swing weight desired using the swing weight effect of changes in head and grip weight to offset the loss in swing weight of the lower weight shaft. Finally If you want to factor in shaft length you could add three swing weight points by increasing shaft length 1/2 inch. Any qualified club builder will be able to easily guide you to the best solution.
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    Hi Brian,

    I too just got a new T-MB iron (#4). I had my mind made up on a shaft but ended up with something different and more appropriate for my swing following a very detailed fitting. I was VERY pleased with the result and the special order came in a lot faster than expected. Recommend you call around to find a local fitter that can work with you to meet your requirements. I found this link on the on the Team Titleist webpage. Good luck!
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    Hi Brian
    Welcome to the minefield that is golf shafts - so many types / Brands etc.
    First and foremost it is crucial you go to a Professional fitter - so your basics can be assessed - your swing speed - then what is the best launch angle and spin rate - and what shaft produces your best result.

    Once you have all the data - you must decide what is the most important use for this club - Length or in my case with this club accuracy - then which shaft delivers that result best.

    Moving on to your other question - the weight of shaft - for me personally its how it feels - did the same as you have looked at heaver / lighter shaft in the same flex - personally did not notice much difference - Lighter weighted shaft did have a slightly higher spin rate - but the lighter shaft always felt the club head was heaver ( which suits me ) - but with the heaver shaft did feel weight dispersion of club was more even through out - but marginal.

    Funny old game ha ha
    Good luck

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