UST Recoil iron/wedge shafts

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By Dan W

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  1. Dan W
    North Grafton, MA

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    Hi, The 2017 custom shaft catalog shows only the Recoil 65/95/110 shafts available for irons/wedges. Is it still possible to order the regular Recoil 125 or the Recoil Proto 125 shafts as an "off-menu" option? I'm looking to order a replacement SM6 60K and wanted to match the shaft I had in the original. Thanks.


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    Hi Dan, At this time, you can still order those shafts, but we would have to quote you a minimum of 4 weeks on getting them from UST.
  3. Dan W
    North Grafton, MA

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    That's fine - thanks Cathi!

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