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By Matthew M

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  1. Matthew M

    Matthew M
    Chicago, IL

    Does anyone have any advice on appropriate shaft length for your height. I'm 5'8" and when I swing a standard length shaft I feel like I can't widen my base because I'll be too far away from the ball and if I try to keep my feet a little closer I'm too unbalanced and fall forward. Would cutting down my shaft a couple of inches be a viable choice?

  2. TeeJ

    Chesapeake, VA

    I too am 5'8" and I play my 917D3 @ 44.25" and I really wish I'd have gone with an even 44". You just need to experiment with what length feels comfortable with your stance by choking down on your club now. Once you know where you want to be, make sure cutting off you shaft doesn't effect your swingweight too much. May have to adjust the weight in the sole of your club to achieve desired swing weight. Good luck!
  3. E92335


    I'm 5'7" and I cut my shaft to 44" on my 915D2. Made a very big difference that, for me, choking down on the grip didn't. Address feels much more comfortable and I'm making more consistent contact.
  4. Red


    I reckon if you are a man and not on the PGA tour, you should never go over 44".

    i will go with 43" or 42.5" in my next driver. i want something consistent 80% of the time and a little shorter in distance than being where I want 40% of the time with the remainder adding an extra shot.

    i am 5'8" as well.

    get fitted. properly.
  5. Bill W

    Bill W
    Metairie, LA

    5'9''; 69 y.o., playing for 50+ years; 12 hdcp. here.

    IMHO anything over 45" is worthless for an amateur. This is why so many teaching pros recommend 3 wood off the tee for many, many amateurs. In general shorter shafts improve center face contact which improves consistent distance.

    For every 1/2" length reduction from the grip end there will be approximately 3 swing weights lost and the shaft will become marginally stiffer. Use lead weight on the back of the head or lead shaft plugs in the tip to bring the swing weight back up. Best to consult your pro and/or club fitter.
  6. Bill W

    Bill W
    Metairie, LA

    One more thing: shortening a shaft will also have an effect on the loft, lie and face angle. Ideally, if you have an adjustable wood, experiment starting with using a more upright lie.
  7. 46 y.o. 5’8” Scratch golfer for 20+ years.
    I just put a 48” shaft in my 910D2. I thought it would be fun and good practice. Hit it great on the range and can’t believe I put it in my bag for a round yesterday. I have no idea how, but I gained consistency, and everything is better. Perhaps it is just the love of my new toy, but I can’t imagine switching for any of my other drivers. Next to lengthen my irons 1/2”. I also cut my putter down to 33” and love it! Game on
  8. Jason R

    Jason R
    Ottawa, ON

    I went with 1" short - it was more about consistency than feel but I like it. Was also strongly recommended by the fitter at the time. Will go through the process again this fall with the new Drivers when they make an appearance.

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