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Team Titleist Exclusive Product Testing Opportunity - New Titleist T-Series Irons

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By Jason V., Titleist Staff

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  1. Hey Team Titleist, 

    Thank you for your support and loyalty towards the Titleist brand. We are happy to announce that we are extending an exclusive opportunity to our valued Team Titleist members for the chance to take part in a product introduction and fitting for the all new Titleist T-Series Irons.

    During the event you will be fit by one of our Titleist Product Specialists for the best performing T-Series irons for your game. In addition to being fit for the all new T-Series irons, we will also be supplying an exclusive Team Titleist gift pack for those members completing this exciting experience.

    Over the coming weeks we will be hosting events in: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa and Montreal. 

    There are a limited number of spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Below are the events currently available to book, if you are interested in attending please register now through the embedded links below:

    Jagare Ridge Golf Club (Edmonton, AB. Sun, Aug 1st)

    Piper’s Heath Golf Club (Milton, ON. Sat, July 31st)

    Eagles Nest Golf Club (Maple, ON. Tues, Aug 3rd)

    TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley (Alton, ON. Wed, July 28th)

    Loch March Golf & Country Club (Kanata, ON. Fri, July 30th)

    Golf Exécutif Montréal (Verdun, QC. Thurs, July 29th)

    Please keep an eye out in this forum, as we’ll be adding additional events in Vancouver, Calgary and Ontario.  

    If you're unable to attend one of these events, but are interested in getting fit for New Titleist T-Series irons, please visit https://www.titleist.ca/fitting/golf-club-fitting/experience to find a Titleist Fitting Partner or Titleist Fitting Event near you.


    We hope to see you soon,

    Your friends at Titleist.

  2. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

    Thanks. Time for some new sticks
  3. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Alas.... I miss one day of looking at the site and missed out on being able to book for August 3 event :( I will have to look for another option. I believe it is time to seriously get some new kids in the bag !
  4. JasonK

    Ajax, ON

    Got my spot Wednesday June 28th at TPC Osprey Valley. I decided to book a round for after as I've never played that course. Anyone else going that day? I'm teeing off at 1154am and there seems to be 1 spot left.
  5. Kyle S

    Kyle S
    Beamsville, ON

    I am also going Wednesday at TPC, I'm at 2pm. Can't wait to get up there and take a look at the new sticks!

    Tillsonburg, ON

    I tried registering as soon as I got the email and everything was booked. These events are highly sought after. I’m bummed to be missing out on this one.
  7. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    Jason - Have a great round... I will be there as well but my fitting is not until 4:00 :) I will be curious to see what the fitting process ultimately identifies as my best option for a new set of irons. Has anyone heard when the clubs would be shipped if we get an order in quickly ?
  8. I am jealous of all you that managed to get a spot. Now I have to check a couple times a day and hope they add some more days and I don’t miss it out again.
  9. Shawn P.

    Shawn P.
    Barrie, ON

    Oh man, as if I’m gonna miss this. I’ll be in PEI on vacation during these times. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a chance to get fitted when I get back. Totally jealous to anyone who has gotten one of these spots.

    I’ve been many times in the past and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Here’s to hoping I’ll get my turn. Need some new irons to practice with in the sim over the winter for next season
  10. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Jason, just let me know when the one for Calgary is posted and I'm in
  11. I would love hear feedback from anyone who got into one of these events to test the new irons.
  12. I went to Golf Executive Montreal for my fitting 29th july, the fitting was great thanks to Stephen Hugues, i also received great gift from the Titleist specialist Guy Boucher, i have ordered my new set of T100S right after the fitting, still waiting for my clubs, supposed to arrive in the next days.
    Thank Titleist for this great oppotunity, in the past i had the opportunity to test the next model of Pro-V1 it is possible to be back in the lotThank you
  13. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    I was fortunate enough to take part in one of the fitting sessions for the T-Series Irons at TPC Toronto yesterday. Great to meet Jim MacMahon who performed the fitting for me. The new T-Series Irons are awesome clubs but alas, the improvement in performance was just not quite enough over my current 918 AP3's to pull the trigger on a full set right now. Jim and I agreed that perhaps when the next run comes out and I am closer to 70, I will need a more game improvement iron so.... However - Jim did help me out and found a fantastic solution to help me fill my gap in distance between my current PW and my existing 50 degree Vokey. I was so pleased with the idea, I sent my local club pro an order for a new 48 degree Vokey right away !!! Many thanks to Titleist for this great opportunity. The support we get from Titleist is second to none !!!!!!
  14. John Mc

    John Mc
    South Western Ontario

    would love to do this, if there was an event closer to the London, ON area!
  15. Darius V

    Darius V
    Barrie, ON

    John Mc - Keep an eye open for a Titleist Fitting Thursday at a course near you. I would regularly check on the "Fitting" drop down menu at the top of this forum :) I went to one of these a few years back to help me tune in a driver ! They have all the components and shafts needed to do a great job for you !
  16. Hey Team Titleist,

    Happy to hear the excitement and feedback for those who were able to attend one of the T-Series fitting events, please see below for an additional ON event. We'll be adding London, Vancouver and Calgary soon.

    Tangle Creek Golf & Country Club (Thorton, ON. Tues, Aug 3rd): https://bit.ly/3ieITKa

  17. There has just been a cancellation at Piper's Heath in Oakville for tomorrow (Saturday, July 31st) at 11:00am.

    If anyone missed out at TPC Toronto or Eagles Nest, here's your chance to get fit for new T-Series irons.

  18. Sadly I do not live in any of these towns. But I am very fortunate that Titleist does have Titleist Thirsdays, as well as my club in Chilliwack and i am sure others do let you test i think its the 7 iron and 4 iron. It may be more now that was a couple of years ago. Either way its so Easy to access these new sexy irons!!
  19. Hey Team Titleist,

    As previously mentioned, please see the final three Team Titleist T-Series Fitting Events below:

    FireRock Golf Club (Komoka, ON. Tues, Aug 10th): https://bit.ly/3yrg2Ia

    Northview Golf & Country Club (Surrey, BC. Sun, Aug 15th): https://bit.ly/3s0yLIf

    Inglewood Golf & Curling Club (Calgary, AB. Mon, Aug 16th): https://bit.ly/3yqQBqb

    Thank you for your support and loyalty towards the Titleist brand.
  20. Peter H

    Peter H
    Delta, BC

    Hi Jason, thank you very much for the opportunity to test the new T series irons.

    I was booked in yesterday at Northview Golf & Country Club with Derek W. Titleist Fitting Specialist.

    It was an awesome VIP Fitting experience, with my expectations & Derek's knowledge he took me through the process of configuring various shafts' & heads (T100S, T200 & T300).

    Looking forward to playing with my new T300 irons. The technology is fantastic!

    And lastly thank you very much for the gift bag, once again Titleist has done a superior job in looking after their loyalists!

  21. Dennis B

    Dennis B
    New Lowell, ON

    I was able to get a fitting @ Tangle Creek on Monday. Thanks to Andrew, who did a great job setting me up with T200’s. I’ll finish out the season with the old 714 AP1’s, then it’s time I switch them out for the new T200’s
    A big Thanks to Titleist for the opportunity, that’s why they will always be #1
  22. Mark h

    Mark h
    Ajax, ON

    I had my fitting and the new irons are sweet. I am moving from my t100 to a T100s and T200 combo set. They are ordered and looking forward to ending the season with them. Also thanks for the swag bag.


  23. Robert C

    Robert C

    Please consider Regina
  24. Todd J

    Todd J
    Calgary, Alberta

    Well I pulled the trigger and ordered the T200 4-GW irons and then was fit for a new brushed steel SM8 54 12 D sand wedge.

    Thx Max and Ken for putting the TT event on and fitting me for the wedge.

    On a disappointing note these events are really exclusive only 6 spots in Calgary. Shortly after the event was posted I got the 2nd last appointment, the disappointment is that most of the people who signed up were no shows, if you can't make it cancel asap so other TTer's can have a chance to get fit and get some TT swag. Sorry just a pet peeve, like not cancelling a tee time when they are so hard to get.

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