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  1. FJL

    Kitchener, ON

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    Thought maybe it meant messages, but checked and it says no messages. What's it mean?

    Basically, it's a red box within the Titleist Logo Icon on my computer that is within a black box with a ball in it and as stated in the title, there is the number 3 in white and a couple of days ago it was a 2. I tried cutting the image and pasting it on here, but it won't let me.

    Any ideas how to get rid of it or can someone point to a category or where ever this is trying to take me.

  2. JKissoon
    Ajax, ON

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    It means you have 3 notifications in posts you responded in. Go to "My Account" then "My Profile". Scroll all the way to the bottom to see the posts you responded to that have notifications.
  3. FJL
    Kitchener, ON

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    Thank you, deleted them and no longer have that issue.

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