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By Barry S

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  1. Barry S
    Oakville, ON

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    Was at the fitting event yesterday at Eagles Nest, and I really have to tip my hat to Titleist for treating everyone who went like they were a tour player. From the moment I arrived in the parking lot, Ryan came out to greet me. He gave me a tour of the new facility, which is more than I imagined, even with reading other peoples reviews. He then asked me what I was interested in getting fitted for, which was mainly for a new 3 Hybrid, but at the same time wanted to demo the AP3. He carried my golfbag out to the testing area and placed a full bag of V1X's to start warming up. Chris came over and introduced himself , and recognized me from prior fittings, which made me feel good, as I am sure he is dealing with hundreds of people every year. I warmed up for about 15 minutes and then the fun began. I hit my present 4 iron ( 716 CB). to get a base of my distance, ballspeed etc.., Then he had me hit the TMB , the AP3, and the AP2. To me, the TMB and AP3 both were similar, but the AP3 launched really nice, and was a tad longer than the TMB. The AP2 was too similar to my CB's. We spent about 15 minutes going back and forth comparing stats to see which one was better for me according to Trackman. Then we moved on to the hybrid. Went through the same routine of getting some stats on my current 915. He then proceeded to put together the 818H1 which was beautiful, We tried several different shafts in different weights, and settings, and came up with what worked best for me. The ball just kept floating and floating. It really was something special to see, and the best part was , is that I picked up about 15 yards carry distance! What surprised me the most, was putting me into a 80 gr. stiff shaft where my 915 is a 60 gr. reg shaft. We tried a 70 gr, but it was the 80 that gave the best results. I then asked Chris if he can take a look at my 3 wood which is a 913 in a reg Bassara shaft. He told me that today was only for irons and Hybrids, but being the gentleman that he is, still put together a 917 for me to demo. My biggest surprise was performing better with the F3 over the F2. Had more carry and less spin, and have to say hit it really nice off the ground, which is what I was looking for. I never felt rushed the whole time I was there and really, really enjoyed the experience, The icing on the cake was when Chris told me to see Ryan again on the way out, and that he had some SWAG to give me a a parting gift. I had no idea what to expect, but it was like Christmas all over again. He gave me a Titleist backpack, which has more zips and compartments on it than you can even think of, embroidered with the TT logo. Attached to the bag was a TT bag tag, and inside the bag were more goodies. A titleist lanyard, Mesh back TT ballcap, TT tee shirt, TT coffee mug, TT ballmarker, TT divot tool, and to top it off was a half dozen V1X's. I could not have been more surprised and grateful!! Mitch, I really have to thank you,Chris, Ryan and Curtis for taking the time to put this event together. It really shows that Titleist cares about the regular golfer. Thanks again for allowing me to be a part TT. You guys are the best. Now off to Golftown to place my order!

  2. Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

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    So true in every way! It was a pretty special day for me also and Chris is going to email me my stats and I'll be making that trip to Golftown to make that order also!!
  3. Scott D

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    What a great fitting experience. You gotta love Titleist they treat you great regardless of ability.
  4. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    From reading your review and those of others, it sure sounds like the gang at the National Fitting Centre are still on their game !
    So glad to hear your experience was top notch and that you found the facility to be as good as what other (including myself) have reported.
    You noted that Chris recognized you right away. Chris, Ryan, and Mitch have amazed me many times with regards to their ability to remember not only our names, but also what it is we have in our bags :) With so many people going through their facility, I am literally gobsmacked when they recognize you so quickly. Even when I was at the Canadian Open where I happened by at the Foot Joy booth :)

    Enjoy your new clubs once you get them !!!!

    Mine should be in soon ( I hope )
  5. Mark h
    Ajax, ON

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    Great day! thanks for everything Titleist!

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