My Eagle's Nest Fitting Experience

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By Stephen F

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  1. Stephen F
    Belleville Ontario, ON

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    I made the trip to Eagle's Nest and the Titleist National Fitting Centre yesterday. I was met first by Ryan, and he took my clubs to the hitting area for me, where I warmed up, hitting some balls. Ryan also asked me what golf ball I regularly play and I told him the ProV1. He provided me with a bag of ProV1's to hit! I hit some balls and then my fitter Chris came and overlooked my clubs, took my 7 iron to check it out. I continued to hit balls and Chris returned with my club and told me it was a standard set up and we were good to go! He asked me what I was looking for in an iron, and I said a little more distance would be nice as I have lost a little yardage in my irons over the last couple years. He had me hit a bunch of balls with my 7 iron and then we looked at the results from trackman. He said my ball flight needed to be a little higher, and my landing angle could be better too and he put together and Ap3 7 iron for me with the same shaft I currently use (KBS Tour stiff). I hit a bunch with it and then he put some tape on the bottom of the iron and had me hit off this plate. After looking at that he changed the set up of the club to be 2 degrees flat and what a difference! I was flying the ball 10-11 yards further than with my own club and it felt great! Chris also pointed out that I had a 3 iron and a 19 degree 3 hybrid and had me hit balls with each. He set me up with an AP1 4 iron that I hit a little further than my current 3 iron! Then I hit a few hybrids he set up and again, more distance and better ball flight! What an experience this was! Chris wrapped up the session going over the data from trackman with me and told me he would email me all of the info. I was blown away by this experience and I recommend that if anyone is ever buying a new set of clubs, a professional fitting is a must! The whole session for me was top notch. From Ryan getting my clubs, and Chris's expertise in doing the fitting everything was done so professionally. After the session I had my clubs in my bag and just as I'm ready to head for the car Chris and I shake hands and I thank him for the day, and he tells me that back inside Ryan has some stuff for me and to go see him before I leave! So, I go see Ryan and he gives me this awesome schwag pack of Titleist stuff! Such a great day and I'm sure there were other Team Titleist members that had the same experience yesterday. Thanks Mtich, Ryan and Chris and the rest of the Titleist staff that made this day possible, and thanks for the great Titleist schwag too!

  2. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    They are a top notch crew for sure !!!

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