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By BMaddigan

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    I have had the good fortune to shoot even par on a number of occasions at several different courses. It is still special, regardless of where or when. Not as good as a hole in one, but close. As one gets older, you are never really sure if it is going to happen again. Luckily, last Friday everything was working and I shot even par at River Edge in Kitchener. I hit 12 greens, scrambled for par on 3 of the remaining 6, and rolled in 3 birdie putts, 30 putt altogether. In hindsight, my Scotty Cameron Cameron and Crown Newport 2 putter was the difference. I have reduced my average putts per round from 1.68 down to 1.61 over the last 100 rounds since I bought the putter. We have had a wet summer, and my GIR ratio has gone down, but my scores have remained consistent year to year. If it drys up next year, who knows? In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the moment. It may be the last time I ever do it, it may not be.

    A side note, my scrambling percent has gone up to 43% from 39% in part to my new SM 6 wedges. Also in part to the fact that I am missing more greens so there is more opportunity to scramble, and the other part is being more selective as to whether I am hitting my 60 degree or 56 degree. Club selection is based more course conditions and lie, rather than just distance.

  2. Darius V
    Barrie, ON

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    Congratulations on your latest even par round !!!
    I agree with you that the Scotty Cameron Putter and the SM6 Wedges will help you keep your scores lower as we get older and start missing more greens.

    Keep up the great play and don't worry about getting older and still shooting even par for a round. As we get older we will be able to start setting new goals like shooting our age :)
    Tillsonburg, ON

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    I've shot even par twice on the front nine at my course only to implode on the back nine and ultimately shoot over par. One of my golfing goals is definitely to break par or at least shoot even. Then as I get older, shooting your age is always a great accomplishment.

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