ProV1 Ball comparison between ProV1 generations

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By Eikka A

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  1. Eikka A

    Eikka A
    Oulu, 0

    Is somewhere comparison chart between ProV1 generations? I'm just curious because recently I found one brand new sleeve of first generation of ProV1 and I tried one ball on course. I was amazed how differently it performed compared to new ProV1. I'm sure that new ball fly further but how amount of spin has changed and also it would be nice to know how for example 2008 ProV1 perform compared to 2017 model.

  2. Daniel

    Columbus, OH

    It's amazing how much even last generations have changed. I hit the Pro V1 X and I haven't had any of this years until my fitting. They feel completely different off the face of the club.
  3. Quintin H

    Quintin H
    Morehead, KY

    I'm a little late, but that is a very good question. I too would like to see the different performance characteristics.
  4. The old ball is likely to be twenty years old and depending on how they have been kept, will have deteriorated causing poorer performance. I often take out much older balls, some 1.62 from the 60s and 70s, it’s good fun, but modern equipment tears them to bits!

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