Ball Fitting for a 9 Handicap

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By Eli C

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  1. Eli C

    Eli C
    New Hampshire

    I am a 9 handicap and I am looking to order some balls through the course that I work at, and I am undecided between the ProV1 and ProV1x. I have a driver swing speed of aprox. 105 for some a basic frame of reference.

    My driver game is fairly inconsistent and stays in the bag most of the time, so as much as driver spin is a factor, i often times hit my 5 wood to keep it in play. When I do hit my driver it my driver (set up as a 10.5˚) my launch angle is very low at about 7.5-9.5. I am working on fixing that but driver game is less important to me.

    I get a decent amount of spin on my short irons and full-3/4 wedges, and I am pretty happy with the distances i am at. Balls don't often stop and come back but they do check and slow down.

    My biggest issues I have are with short game feel and putting. I would like to be able to find a ball that gives me more feel around the greens and more feel putting. I lose most of the dumb strokes on chipping and putting (as well as a few duffed chips, but that is another story).

    Overall, I am looking for a ball that will give me more spin around the greens, and better feel chipping and putting. Having more distance off the tee would be nice, but it less important. So ProV1 or Prov1x? Thanks Everyone for the help!

  2. AHenry

    Clinton, Iowa

    After reading this i would go with the ProV1 because it has a better feel around the green and that will help you around the green. I would also practice your rhythm off your golf swing its good to feel comfortable when you are on the tee and you have a pattern that always works and you can rely on when you are out on the course. it helped me go from a 20 handicap to a 10 just by relaxing and having a rhythm in your golf swing
  3. Try a sleeve of both and then decided
  4. Craig G

    Craig G
    Lubbock, TX

    I would go with the pro v1. It is going to give you the softest feel and the most spin around the green. If you wanted a higher launch on all shots the pro v1 x is the way to go, but getting the most control around the greens is your main concern, so the pro v1 is your best option.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Jason F

    Jason F
    Elizabethton, TN

    i'd grad a few balls that you like or thinking about gaming. and one day when it isn't busy, i would play 9holes with all 3balls and figure out which one is doing what your looking for. i'm using the swoosh rzn tour black and it's lost softer then last years model without loosing distance. stays very straight even on bad swings. didn't miss a single fairway with it. goes 5y further then the previous models and the putting is like no other balls out there. feels very light and soft off the putter face and comes off the face nice and hot and even will roll when your needing it too. lands soft on greens and sticks better then the Prov1 and ProV1x. i know this is titleist site and stuff. i your wanting a ball that sticks good around the greens and plays and feels soft i'd go with the ProV1, i recommend going and try out the swoosh RZN Tour Platinum balls overall there the best balls on the market.

    again if your chipping or pitching into the greens and your ball doesn't seem to check up at all. you might wanna make sure you making contact with the ball first and then the ground. it's not hard to make the ball spin back, jus gotta make sure you make good contact with the ball first. or maybe try and start opening up your wedge and don't break your wrist at contact
  6. Clinton M

    Clinton M
    lilburn, GA

    go with the pro v1.
  7. Clinton M

    Clinton M
    lilburn, GA

    I would suggest the pro v1.
  8. MMHarmon32

    St Louis, MO

    I agree with the other guys, go with the ProV1, and skip the 'x'.

    Softer feel, more greenside spin.

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